I Knew I Loved You

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  • bikerchic


    Lew today while at work I thought about what you said about meeting me when I go up there and it suddenly occured to me that I didn't reply to your post.......me bad, sorry! I am really looking forward to meeting you and others from the area that post here, won't be long!

    Craig!!! Sweetie YOU are INCREDIBLE!

    I love ya Craig!


  • Dutchie

    Bikerchic, Onacruse, are we EVER going to see those pictures!

  • bikerchic

    Dutchie.......pics are being sent to your email now.....ENJOY!


  • Jesika

    I wish you two the best and everytime I am in chat with you two it gives me chills cause the love you have for each other is felt right through my computer screen!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I wanna see some pics too!!!!

  • bikerchic

    Hey Jesika thanks Craig and I think it's always fun when you are in chat. Send me an email and I'll send you a pic. I thought I sent you one in chat? Anyway if I did it would be the same one.

    bc of the onacruse class

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I remember back in college (me being the guy who types stuff out for Jesus because as well all know, JC is up in heaven and celibate and all that stuff) there was a U2 concert in St. Louis I wanted to go to and I just knew that there was going to be something big in the way of love happen because of it. Didn't know what, didn't know how, had no idea why I had the feeling but all I know is I had it. A girl I was friends with decided to go with me and bring some of her friends. I thought that maybe we'd hook up or something like that but we ended up having a rather big falling out (she thought I was part of a conspiracy to break into her house and clean her carpets, no, I'm not making that up) and I got stuck with 4 extra tickets but I still had this nagging feeling that something big was going to happen because of this concert and I just had to go to it no matter what. I sold one to some guy over the net, another one to a female friend (utterly, totally, platonic friend) of mine, and ran into this girl I knew back in high school who just happened to love U2. I sold her one and she wanted to bring a friend that I didn't know. Well, a long story made short is that almost 5 years later that friend I didn't know and I are VERY happily married and have a great little 2 year old boy named Ethan. We spend as much time as we can together and really have a lot of fun.

    Oh yeah, what was the first song at our wedding you ask? "All I Want Is You" by U2. Appropriate huh?

  • Scarlet

    I am so happy for both of you. And to answer your question Yes I fell in love with my best friend. I married my husband 3 months after I met him. I love him more now than I did 4 years ago when I met him. If you know you love someone you know it, it doesn't take forever.

  • bikerchic

    JC: How very cool to have a "chance" meeting turn out so well. U2 is one of my fave groups too.

    Scarlett: Three months later and married.....wow!! I'm happy for you as well, and you are so right love doesn't have to take forever, just last forever!

    bc of the loves onacruse class

  • wonderwoman77

    Wow! I do know how you feel. I have been in a relationship for a few months now and even though it has not been that long, it feels so amazing. Everything about her makes me happy. When we are together, it feels like I have the missing puzzle piece. We click, we can talk about anything. When I kiss her, I get these amazing tingles that assure me that our love is so very real. Great topic Katie. To all of you that have experienced this love....I hope it last for us all!!!!!!! It is truely a great experience...

  • butalbee

    All I can do is . That song is true, every word of it.

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