How to get JWs to talk about disfellowship?

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  • R. Jerome Harris
    R. Jerome Harris

    I am an ex-JW (disassociated). I was a JW for over 30 years.

    Disfellowshipment is not something Jesus taught. It is not even an expression he used. Disfellowshipment is a "control" mechanism employed by the WTBTS to keep its membership fearful and "in a box." It equates to information control.

    The way the WTBTS cleverly makes it appear as if the practice is from God and Christ is by using "The Bible" as the reference rather than "Christ" as the reference.

    JWs and those associated with them have been duped. The Most High God did not send into the world "a book." He sent into the world of mankind "His Son." And, it is to that son, The Most High God has commanded us to listen to. (Luke 9:35)

    Yet, what has happened is that an impostor - an idol god - has crept in and usurped everything Jesus Christ is. That impostor and idol god is a book called the Bible. Just think of it for a moment: (1) It comes on the scene conveniently after Christ ascends into heaven (2) It was men who gave it its name (3) it was men who gave it the lofty title of "holy" (4) it was men who "authorized" it and (5) it was men who gave it a title that can only belong to Christ: The Word of God. (Which is blasphemous).

    No other person or thing can have the exclusive title of "Word of God" other than Christ. Yet, a book has been elevated to that holy and lofty position and it itself is being listened to, not Christ!

    Followers of Christ are commanded to be "his" disciples (students), not disciples (students) of the Bible! The Bible does not teach, so how can one be a student of it?

    The living Son of God is our only Teacher, thus, one becomes his disciple.

    The official Watch Tower website is evidence as to who that organization views as its teacher. Visit the website and notice in the menu the link that says "Bible Teachings."

    Is anyone getting this? One would think the link would read "Christs Teachings."

    The WT indoctrination is such that one comes to view a book as "The Word of God" rather than the one who actually is.

    Personally, when anyone approaches me with the expressions "The Bible says" or "The Bible teaches" I automatically reply to those persons, "Why should I care about what "The Bible" teaches when Jesus says that he is my only Master, Leader, Lord and Teacher?"

    Only a small portion of what appears in the Bible are utterances of God and Christ. Disfellowshipment - among many others - is not one of them.

    I do not follow the Bible, I follow Christ and what "he" teaches.

    Then there are those who say, "Well, how else can we learn about God and Christ if we did not have the Bible?"

    I say to them, "You have no faith."

    God is an invisible Spirit and so is His Son. As such, we cannot trust and rely upon what we can "see" in order to worship the Father and serve the son (books, persons and organizations) as it is no different than idol worship. We MUST trust and rely upon what we cannot see. That is exactly what faith is according to the Apostle Paul at Hebrews 11:1.

    Christ is very much alive and is willing and still able to teach us from his seat in heaven. He proved this on the Day of Pentecost 33 CE. There was no Bible!

    So it is a weak excuse to say, "How else can one learn about God and Christ without the Bible?" You have been duped and made reliant upon men, their organizations, and a book that God did not send you.

    You have not used the most powerful gift God has given mankind to communicate with Him (through his only authorized channel): Prayer. Prayer has no been used as it was intended.

    A false mantra today is: "The Bible is the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through it."

    Another false mantra in existence today is: "The Watch Tower organization is the truth, the way and the life and no one comes to the Father except through it." (In fact, that is essentially what the baptismal vow says).

    My advice: Stop being in fear of men and their organizations. Do not bow down and serve them! Fear God instead.

    Why worry about some organization "disfellowshiping" you? Neither God or Christ has rejected you.

    One will NEVER find any instance where Jesus condemned anyone.

    Yes, one can scour "The Bible" and attempt to make a case that in "The Bible" disfellowshipment was practiced. Yet, I say to those persons: Who do you follow and listen to, The Bible or Christ?

    Christ never did such a thing.

    I suggest engaging in the "practice" of prayer and relying upon the source of all wisdom, knowledge and understanding and letting him infuse us with those things (because we ask for them) through the ONLY WAY POSSIBLE, His Son Christ Jesus.

    No book can give us what God can through his son.

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