Are Parents Who Shun Their Children At Risk?

by Englishman 33 Replies latest jw friends

  • FayeDunaway

    Lyin- someday maybe your fathers third daughter will leave the religion too. There's a good chance of that. Maybe that will wake your father up. At least if that happens you can have another sister and hopefully won't blame her for your fathers favoritism. He really sucks and you deserve better.

    We all deserve better. we deserve parents who love us unconditionally. I wrote my mother recently a text, 'I love you' she wrote back 'thank you.'

  • ToesUp
    To all of you who have been shunned by ANY family member, my heart goes out to you all. It's pure evil!
  • HeyThere
    This is so sad to read. Hard for me to imagine shunning. I absolutely hate what this, and other high control religions, do to family.
  • JWdaughter

    There has been what I think is a final break with my mom in recent months, but became finally final this week.

    Now my sister, who is sympathizing with my weeping in distress(!) mom, is shunning me too-without a conversation and knowing exactly what my mom does, generally. I think she is mostly hoping to shut up my mom by shutting me up. Alright, already. I've had it with that ugliness in any case. The last words she spoke to me in person were telling me that I was her enemy. Why? I refused to argue with her (ironically).

    I hate the WTBTS, and I feel bad for my sister who is going to get stuck with dealing with my mom, cross country, for everything. Her and my mom, and my brother and my mom have never had a visit without the major drama of my mom stomping off in years. My mom will choose her religion or her dog (and her booze) over every familial relationship. Now my sis will get the full joy of mom. Have fun with that!

    THe thing is, as I consider some of our family issues, I recognize that the WT is just one aspect of the poison she has spread to us. There are non-JW parts to the crazy of our family:( God I miss my dad:(

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