All quiet on the western front

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  • sir82

    Yeah, OK, they might introduce "new light" that is utterly irrelevant and trivial, that no one really cares about, like that "3rd heaven" hoo-ha.

    But something that would actually make a difference in people's lives? They would only release that at an AGM or thru a WT article.

  • campaign of hate
    campaign of hate

    I agree, why would all KH be expected to get all that projector equipment for just once or twice a year?

    They have been given a lot of time to implement all the changes, then in Oct AGM they will announce starting Jan 2016 once a month. That's my prediction anyway.

    This is the point when i will start to "joke" to people that this religion has become like a cult. I've held off using the C word with friends and family so far.

  • respectful_observer
    I think the next Nulite will be them proclaiming the great tribulation has begun, so expect imminent persecution.
    In reality they will just replace the overused "last days' with "great tribulation" to get people active and productive.

    I agree. It's a win-win for them:

    1. The Great Tribulation is of an indeterminate length. Therefore, they could milk this for DECADES.

    2. They don't have show any actual proof. Something along the lines of: "Only Jehovah's people were able discern that Jesus began ruling in 1914, even when world events made it obvious. As before, Satan has 'blinded the minds of the unbelievers'. The world does not yet recognize that its governments have already turned on Babylon the Great-- stripped her of the power and its wealth she once enjoyed. Her waters are indeed 'drying up'. Through their rhetoric, the nations declare 'peace and security', while the reality is anything but. Therefore it is with great confidence we can declare that we, as Jehovah's named people, are in fact living in the time period foretold in Revelation as the 'Great Tribulation!'"

    3. Such a grand revelation that "the Great Tribulation has in fact begun" would send the vast majority of J-dubs into a frothing-at-the-mouth frenzy. Conventions and assemblies for years following the announcement would be re-framed around the GT having already begun, and therefore we are that much closer to the Big A.

    There would be zero downside for them.

  • prologos
    notsurewheretogo2 hours ago
    And if a monthly public talk from the b0rg does become the standard then that shows a) they don't trust local elders to convey their public talk outlines and b) they are getting scared of losing their control over a dub. They have been getting ready for that by eliminating male speaker training from the "TM school":-- no platform comments before and after bible reading, cancelling of No. 4-5 stand-up talks in favour of demonstrations.

    Hitler had banned the book "all quiet--" BTW.

  • Listener
    They also listed all the GB helpers in a recent watchtower, no doubt they will also be presenting these video talks also.
  • prologos
    a grand revelation that "the Great Tribulation has in fact begun" would send the vast majority of J-dubs into a frothing-at-the-mouth frenzy.

    Wt did teach, up to the 60s that the great tribulation in fact had begun,- in 1914 and would resume again soon. It was cut short in the middle in order for "some flesh," the Great Crowd. "to be saved." they could dust off that old chest-nut, the nuts.

    BTW, "all quiet on the western front" would not fly as a title in german for this discussion about NEWS,--coming "light". The german title of the book is : " im Westen NICHTS NEUES" = "Nothing new (no new wt light) from the West" I believe the book was about the appalling happenings while no major battles ensued. Appropriately while we wait with baited breaths for October's AGM Arrgs, appalling things are happening in the congregations, hidden under the mantel of propriety.

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