Huge Catalogue of Field Service Supplies!

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  • NeonMadman

    Anyone remember Madzay Graphics, back 20 years ago or so? They provided the same sorts of things as Stoops, except without the leather goods. But they did yeartext banners, greeting cards, Bible card games, etc. I always found it irritating that their ordering instructions said that, essentially, they didn't want to get orders from individuals, but that congregations should get together to pool their orders. In other words, they were relying on the dronish obedience of the JW's to minimize their distribution costs, making the individuals who coordinated the ordering do all the work.

    Who did these guys think they were, anyway? The Society?

  • Crazy151drinker

    Can I get some '1975 the end is near' Shirts??? I didnt see any in the Catalog but I imagine thousands were returned, maybe I can get a discount???

  • Pork Chop
    Pork Chop

    I happen to know that quite a few people at Stoops are not Witnesses. Wonder what they think of all this? Guess a job is a job.

  • jws

    The name Madzay Printing sounds familiar. All I remember is at the time thinking some people had some fancy stuff and wondering where they got it from. But apparently, due to the nature, if you didn't place a group order, you couldn't get the stuff. Nobody ever approached me when it was time to order so I never wound up ordering. Glad I didn't waste the money now.

    You know, it sort of seemed to me like an elitist thing too. Only certain people had the leather bound bibles, or the fancy little laminated bookstudy schedules, etc.

    Found it interesting that this Stoops place sells Strongs, Vines, and comparison Bibles. Wonder if a lot of JWs order them. That would lead to independent Bible research and the only research you *should* be doing is out of WTBS books.


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