The Good News

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  • BabylonSmurf

    Hey guys, you all be glad to know that since I walked out of that meeting I started studying and got baptised last week at an assembly. Also I'm conducting bible studies with three of the teletubbies, winnie the pooh and peter pan.

  • katchoo

    LOL! WHat, Tinkerbell wouldn't consent to let you come to her house every saturday morning with a bookbag and three or four of Sister Realdub's sticky little kids to study the bible with her and bring her in the truth? Or is it just that you couoldn't get all of them and your bookbag into her living room? :)


  • BabylonSmurf

    Katchoo - no, 6 months elapsed and Tinkerbell had only "progressed" to Chapter 2 of the "HAPPINESS - HOW TO COPE WITH IT" book, so it was consignment to Eternal Destruction time. At least she was given more than a 30 second Watchtower/Awake magazine presentation to decide upon her everlasting destiny. On the other hand the Teletubbies are going quite well. They are studying "YOUR YOUTH GETTING THE BEST - OUT OF IT". We’re up to the chapter on masturbation, which has been quite easy to get through seeing how us toys, due to lack of genitalia, don’t have a problem with such things.

  • cantleave

    Just to annoy asilentone

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Teletubbies are the new Smurfs.........DEMONS!

  • finallysomepride

    i like it

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