GB Not Providing Food-Helpers Write Articles

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  • Oubliette

    CC, great insider view from Ray Franz.

    Clearly, it's all bullshit.

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    There were, of course, articles that did come through from "anointed" brothers in different countries. [footnote #37: In almost all cases the article came because President Knorr had sent an assignment to the person to write it.] These, however, were subject to review, revision and even total rewriting according to the discretion of the Writing Department overseer, Karl Adams. Yet Karl himself was not of the "anointed." He felt no hesitance in turning over an article written by one of the "anointed" to one of the "other sheep" for reworking or rewriting, and frequently did so. No one of his superiors had any objection to his doing so.

    The sole exception to this rule were the writings prepared by the vice president, Fred Franz. As Karl stated to me, Knorr had made clear that the vice president's writings were to be altered only with the vice president's permission.

    In one Governing Body meeting when this subject of preparation of "spiritual food" came up, President Knorr spontaneously acknowledged that the great bulk of the writing was done by those of the "other sheep" class. To any one writing in the Writing Department this was obvious. Though the Writing Department has since been greatly expanded, the situation remains essentially the same. [footnote # 38: The writing staff in recent years numbers 20 or more persons in all, the great majority professing to be of the "other sheep."]

    The reason generally given to explain away this anomaly is that, even though the non-anointed members do the thinking, development and writing of the material, it is always read and approved by persons of the "anointed" before printing. Evidently this somehow adds an anointed touch or quality to the material. [footnote # 39: Compare Haggai 2:11, 12.] The very fact that such reasoning must be resorted to of itself shows the strained nature of the claim made as to the application of the food-supplying aspect of Jesus' parable.


    Who Actually Supplies the "Food"?

    Yes, the explanation for allowing non-anointed ones to actually do, "the thinking, development and writing of the material," is an anomaly in light of the scripture regarding the faithful slave.

    "Who really is the faithful and discreet slave whom his

    Master appointed over his domestics, to give them

    their food at the proper time? Happy is that slave if

    his master on arriving finds him doing so. Truly I say

    to you, He will appoint him over all his belongings.—

    Matthew 24:45-47."

    How can the Governing Body (the faithful slave?) ever be pronounced happy upon the master's arrival? They are not actually providing the food. They are not, "doing so." Someone else is "doing" the writing for them; mostly, if not all, non-anointed helpers.

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    Iown Mylife

    They have the big shortcut now - "Don't think or try to reason, just accept, attend, contribute, or you will face shunning and shaming!" - so they don't need to address new topics with logic and reasoning.

    If you wonder if the KGB is doing the writing, or if you wonder if they are editing, then you are guilty of WONDERING. That is extremely disobedient and Jehovah will HATE YOU because you are HURTING HIS FEELINGS.

    So straighten up and put your head down. If you can't do both simultaneously then you are not TRYING HARD ENOUGH TO PLEASE JEHOVAH - and we will have to call you in for reproof!


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    Iown Mylife
    Thanks for the laugh Marina.
  • TakeOffTheCrown
    Compound Complex - your comments were informative. Thank you.
  • OrphanCrow

    It must be quite a challenge for the WTS writers to try to keep coming up with different ways to tell the same basic story over and over again.

    Maybe that is why the WTS keeps inventing so many rules all the time. The religious doctrine is frankly, boring as hell. many times do you need to tell it? Discussing rules, though, can fill a lot of space in literature, justifying the monthly publishing business.

    The Watchtower magazines remind me of some of the old pulp fiction genre or mystery novels and films. Once you read one or see the movie, you always could predict the plot. It is like watching a B grade movie that just regurgitates the same old story that has been told countless times before.

    I have read some of the Rutherford publications. With so many of the books that were published under his name, the title changed, the intro changed, and then it was the same old, same old, for the rest of the book. New illustrations, a new cover and a few subtle little twists and turns...but basically, the same f**ing book.

    The WTS brags about having the highest circulation of any magazine with their Watchtower rag. I don't think, though, that it would ever win any writing awards.

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