WT Society Makes Light of Child Abuse Crimes by Portraying them as Cartoons

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  • Naoscillator

    I think the monster in the video is supposed to actually be funny. How that helps kids to appreciate the real danger from real people is beyond me. It's great entertainment for them when Caleb acts like a little super hero and he and his family of sidekicks make the monster disappear. As others have pointed out, these techniques may work but usually don't. This shouldn't have been treated like just another somewhat humorous Caleb video.

    My pioneer wife was watching the broadcast and nodded in agreement with much of AM3s comments. But when the cartoon was nearly over she said "they need to show an adult. In a suit." Yup.

  • flipper

    VIDIOT- Very true, misdirection and fabrication. Two things the WT Society is expert at.

    NAOSCILLATOR- That's good that even your pioneer wife could see that instead of a fictitious monster- they should have shown an adult in a suit. Yeah it really frosts my balls that the WT Society makes it appear humorous with this monster or blob running around. Child abuse is about the furthest thing from being humorous that I can think of, A criminal action. It shows the stupidity of WT leaders to display it this way in the video. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • rebel8

    Seriously, the molester is an imaginary monster grunting at the children?

    The "don't talk to strangers" campaign was harmful to children. Kids didn't understand that 'stranger' could mean 'someone I know really well who smiles and is good looking'. Therefore, they developed a false sense of trust in people they know and an irrational fear of those they don't.

    This cartoon sounds much worse than that.

  • LisaRose

    It's really counter productive to show the molester as being some scary monsterish thing because the reality is most molesters look quite ordinary and may seem quite nice, which is how they get away with it. People are in a state of denial, they just can't believe someone they know and like could do such horrible things, that's why children are often not believed, people tend to go with their gut, which is telling them it couldn't be true.

    Another reason elders are ill equipped to deal with such things.

  • OzGirl

    I"m looking forward to seeing the next video from the GB where they explain how a toddler develops the conscience of a teenager or adult.

    The GB know nothing about child psychology. They are out of touch with reality.

    I'd also like to see the GB make a video explaining how parents and elders can report a case of molestation to the authorities. There would be more to it than just making the monster disappear.

  • sowhatnow


    [Flipper, use real humans as real actors portraying real situations? Are you serious? I can just see it:]

    had the same idea that i had only i think it should be a live drama at a convention,lol after all arent the dramas supposed to be warning examples? lol how to identify satans tools? [no pun intended]

    I can see it now, in front of a live audience, a full grown adult man with a little girl or boy on his lap in pajamas reading a book, slowly stroking the little tot's back and leg, until relaxed, and then.. his hand into the no no zone,

    how would that go over??? grandma would pass out, lol

  • flipper

    Was out of town as some of you know for a few days- wanted to respond to folks who posted on this thread. Thanks for your replies.

    REBEL 8- Exactly. To make this child molester in the video appear as a " blob " or " monster " totally misdirects the direction on where child abuse REALLY comes from ! Not " blobs " or " monsters " but REAL human beings with ties and shirts on in the kingdom hall ! But maybe, just maybe THAT is what the WT leaders are trying to do here - not bring ANY attention about child abuse as coming from inside the congregation by using a fictitious monster instead of real humans. I think that is part of it by WT design. A decoy.

    LISA ROSE- You make a very good point about JW's being in a state of denial regarding child abuse. They don't want to acknowledge that it might be happening from their own " friends " or family- so they choose to either ignore or dismiss minor children's accusations. It's really cowardly of them to do so I feel. Very much so. Support criminals instead of victims ? Incredibly weird.

    OZGIRL- GB is definitely out of touch with reality. How can toddlers even DEVELOP a conscience like a teenager ? It's ridiculous how the WT Society is so out of touch with real child psychology. Good point about how the WT Society SHOULD make a video about reporting child abuse to police. Exactly. But with the WT leaders financial interests at stake- I doubt such a video would be made.

    SOWHATNOW- Yeah, I mean a drama on child abuse would have to be done with respect for sure in addressing the subject. It doesn't have to be explicit, but just get the message across that this is what REAL humans do who are criminals not what fictitious BLOBS or fictitious MONSTERS do. Touching of course wouldn't have to be shown- but the inference of what's going on indicating the seriousness of the child abuse crime direction the scene would be heading to. And then have the actors in the drama report the abuse to police. This would have a much more powerful effect than blobs running around. In my opinion. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Finkelstein

    Totally agree with you Flipper, the WTS use of monsters deflects the actuality that its real people who may do inappropriate harmful things and some those people may be family members or brothers and sisters at Kingdom Halls.

    This dismissive inaccurate portrayal is not surprising in that all JWs are trained to shine a righteous light over their fellow devoted members.. This influencing connection of course is related to the inside JWS people within the organization, apposed to the outside evil worldly people. The ever pretentious righteousness that JWS try to hang and keep over themselves.

  • Vidiot

    OzGirl - "They are out of touch with reality."

    Reminds me of something Dick Cheney once said... that they "make their own reality".

  • flipper

    FINKELSTEIN- Yeah, I think it's a decoy the WT Society is trying to use portraying a monster as a child molester instead of a real human being. That way it's less incriminating towards individual members of Jehovah's Witnesses who actually ARE child molesters. Pretty tricky.

    VIDIOT- Exactly WT Society makes their own version of reality. It's ridiculous. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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