The lion king mufasa in today's WT?

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  • purrpurr
    Thanks average Joe and flamegrilled , interestingly enough when the WT conductor asked the kids in the Cong for their comments on the picture not one of them had anything to say? Normally they all have prepared answers, I wondered if I was seeing a bit of CD in action?
  • datto

    at first I thought it was just a picture of a lion in the background until the gentlemen on the stage (JW meeting) mentioned that it was Satan outside the window feeling angry to see black & white human having a meal. To me it is nothing special in the photo. It is very normal for human (regardless of what skin color), or sometimes with dogs or cats, etc, to have meals together. When it happens, it happens naturally and there's nothing to shoutout about. However the JWs feels great and happy to see that the lion is angry. They joked about the lion.

    Why lion? who is racist?

    From a meaningless photo, I suddenly find that the photo is full of meaning. THERE ARE MANY OTHER SATANS LOOKING THROUGH A WINDOW FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WALLS!

  • leaving_quietly
    I though it strange to have a lion shown in this picture because when the angel throws the devil into the abyss, he's a dragon. (Rev 20:2)

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