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    Breaking News

    Dateline: June 15, 2000

    We began receiving reports in late May that the Governing Body of Jehovah's
    Witnesses had recently decided that
    Jehovah's Witnesses who accept blood transfusions would no longer be subject to
    investigation by congregation judicial
    committees. While these reports came from sources we deem reliable, it appears
    that the reports were incomplete or that
    the original decision was modified at some point.

    We must emphasize that as of this writing we are yet to see any of the
    correspondence that has supposedly been sent to
    branch offices or local congregations. The following remarks will address
    comments made by a London Bethel WTS
    representative to the London Times and assume that he had accurate information
    concerning the new policy.

    While the WTS has in fact ceased disfellowshiping JW who accept blood
    transfusions, it will from this point forward be
    understood that one who accepts blood will have unilaterally disassociated
    themselves from the WTS, unless they express
    remorse and sincere repentance that satisfies local elders. Read the BBC story
    that appeared on June 14, 2000.

    Individual who are "disassociated" Jehovah's Witnesses are treated identically
    to those who are disfellowshiped. They are
    shunned by Jehovah's Witness friends and denied normal family relations with JW
    family members. So this is in fact a minor
    change and is primarily a diversionary tactic aimed at reducing the WTS's
    liability in these cases. It is also possible that the
    WTS is attempting to deflect some of the criticism it has been receiving in
    medical journals in recent months over the
    contradictions and inconsistencies in the policy and improve its position with
    some European governments who feel that the
    WTS is a dangerous sect.

    It should be noted that the WTS only uses "disassociation" in special cases. For
    example, if a person is charged with
    violating WTS policies but refuses to appear before a judicial committee to face
    expulsion or disfellowshiping, he has the
    option to simply "disassociate" himself. This can be done by writing a letter to
    the congregation or telling two elders that he
    no longer considers himself a Jehovah's Witness. As mentioned earlier the entire
    congregation will treat him as an
    unrepentant sinner and shun him. If a congregation member refuses to shun him,
    they too will be disfellowshiped or

    The other special case where "disassociation" is used is when a Jehovah's
    Witness joins the military. To avoid potential
    problems with governments, the individual will not be charged and asked to
    appear before a judicial committee. Rather, the
    congregation simply makes an announcement that they
    "disassociated" themselves. In this way the WTS hopes to avoid
    difficulties with the authorities.

    As can be seen from the above, "disassociation" is basically a streamlined or
    "fast track" to expulsion and shunning. The
    WTS has got itself caught up in nightmare and is struggling to find some way to
    disentangle itself from a tragic and
    misguided policy that has claimed untold numbers of JW lives. We suggest that
    you check this site frequently as we will
    post any significant developments or news that might further clarify matters.

  • Carmel

    Hey AlleyCat,

    This is the third site I've seen this posted. Where is it originating from? Sorry for the preposition, I usually end my sentences in propositions!


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends,

    The first time I ever search the archives and this thread was my first click-on. It ties in beautifully with what Terry and Gary helped me understand regarding the quasi-religiosociopathic stand of the WT in Bulgaria. Surely, the Society wishes only the best for the precious flock of Jesus Christ. Thanks to all who contributed to the following thread:


  • Gill

    It's fascinating how governments actually influence or appear to influence the policies of the WTBTS. However, the slimy buggers still manage to wriggle out of any 'new' policy.

    If you take blood, you may not be DF'd but you 'are no longer one of Jehoobadiles Witlesses!'

    You no longer pay for your literature, but you must pay for the literature through the contributions!!!


  • compound complex
  • skyking

    This is true, I was removed before this happened so was not in any of the Elders meetings about this. I found this out on the Internet and told the Elders about this right after it happened. They said it was not true, I found an Associated Press release and a couple other News releases ans showed them. After a phone call to the C.O. from the Secretary in my Hall the C.O. confirmed it was true he was shocked could not believe the Society reported this to the News before telling the congregations. I was told by the P.O. that they were told if a sister reported to them that she saw with her own eyes a member having a transfusion she was to be told the Elders are handling it and tell her not to tell anyone else. He then said they were told, the Elders Body could not investigate the report. I asked what would happen to the person that had the transfusion he told me that if the person did not tell anyone about it the congregation could not do anything about it. If it became known the person would be likened to a person that has disassociated themselves.

    We have a don't tell don't ask policy just like the Military does for Gay's in the Military

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings Skyking,

    Thank you for this valuable information. First-hand accounts are what fill in the blanks. I'm gradually getting the whole picture. Deceit and double-speak can only hold up for so long.

    With gratitude,


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