Candace Conti Settles

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  • tim3l0rd

    In your mind Fisherman, are all of the policies of the Watchtower corporation and Jehovah's Witnesses sound as far as child molesters are concerned?

    There have been multiple cases of abusers continuing their practice within the congregation, in part, because they were not known as abusers by the members of the congregation. Is that something that you're ok with?

  • tim3l0rd

    BTW, thanks for the snide comment and personal attack Fisherman. I asked for a specific example and you failed to provide. I was not attacking you personally, but was trying to initiate a dialog. Personal attacks really show the character of a person.

  • Illuminated
    Are you guys aware that your hero, who was not in it for the money but to change policies, settled without changing anything?

    Nittygritty, "your hero" exactly what and who are you trying to defend? Are you possibly a pedophile yourself taking sides with criminals? It's pretty disgusting what you stated, and I'm glad as hell I'm not in the same group you associate with.

    The biggest and most powerful step a sexual abuse survivor can take, is stepping forward and vocalizing what occurred. Bringing awareness. The most damaging and re-victimizing act is silencing the victim as the destructive mind control cult WTS does to their members.

    Place yourself in the shoes of the victim. Imagine being raped by a trusted member of "Gods chosen ones", then going through a re-victimizing process of sitting down with a few clueless ego maniacs as many of the elders are, along with the creep who raped you as a child and having to relay the whole experience in detail only for the creep to deny it, and you, the victim silenced or else. So you go through your whole life with sudden random flashbacks of being raped, flashbacks combined with panic attacks, fear, guilt, shame and feeling completely alone in the world. You can be on your way to work and have a sudden flashback, at work, at the grocery store... Every part of your life is affected. Would money be your biggest desire/priority or would a sense of normalcy and peace be your biggest desire?

    Candice created a domino effect for other survivors to come forward eventually. Your lack of compassion and using money as a weapon against her speaks volumes in your ignorance and overall character.

  • Fisherman

    like a can of smashed a****s is secure.

    LOL, seriously funny, LOL. Thanks for making me laugh!

  • StrongHaiku

    I will say it again, Candace Conti does not have to explain herself. The people who do have to explain themselves are the people who stay in (or don't speak up against) the Organization knowing full well what is going on. If you know what is going on and stay in, I assure you that history will not be kind to you. History will ask of you "what did YOU do when you learned of this?".

    Next time you are sitting around stroking your ego about how you would have been so totally courageous like Jeremiah or some other prophet and would have stood up for what was right and did a "smack down" on God's organization and straighten them out, let this moment sink in. This is your time in history and if you continue to sit on the sidelines there will be no excuse.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    One other thing that is important to note about religious groups especially fundamentalist groups like JWs. The teachings in those groups tend to reinforce the "us against the world" notion which galvanizes the group. For example, see the latest WT article on the "spiritual paradise". This notion which good to help promote group loyalty, also tends to suspend the natural suspicion that people have with individuals they don't know very well.

    As a born-in, I don't suffer from the rose colored glasses effect ie trusting people just because they are JWs. But lots of converts do.

  • Finkelstein

    The most likely scenario is if a pedophile repents completely and is reinstated, the likelihood of his previous misdeeds will not be mentioned or addressed to the congregation.

    We all know how much the JWs like to place a white sheet over themselves.

    I think that was the intent of the elders from where JK left from his old congregation to his new congregation.

    They went as far to say that he's very good with children.

    Or by the WTS understanding - not reinstated = Predetor

    reinstated = not a Predator

  • umbertoecho


    I know exactly how you feel when you find yourself being treated as almost( to my mind) unstable, due to the horror of finding out your' child was abused. They usually don't believe you, not really. And if you are telling the truth, then you are the dangerous one.

    With all my years of life behind me and some to come, I still cannot shake out of my memories how I was forced to study with a brother who was at least 30+. Father would not let me refuse to go, he forced this study on me to make me " a better child". I recall the man's name to this day, I will never forget it. What he liked to do was to drive me halfway to his house and stop somewhere near the coast. I can't go into detail.

    I was 11 and had enough experience, tragically, to know what this man was up to.

    I was not up to protecting myself very well though and the only resource I had was to bolt as fast as I could out of that car and run until I was unable to run any further. I told my mother about what this married brother was doing, begging her not to tell dad. She promised she would keep her word. But she told the worst person in my life, my father.

    I spent that summer in my bedroom, in the stinking heat. I had to say sorry for lying to the overseer in our congregation. I had to put up with being treated less like a young child and more like an animal. My father came in regularly to "correct" me. He had his ways, believe me.

    I can't go on it makes me sick all over again.

    I will say this though. That brother at the kingdom hall, got worse and worse. In the late seventies he was "warned" about his overtures to the young girls in our congregation. That was all that was done.

    I was treated like a delinquent and told I was wicked, evil, filthy minded..........I was definitely going to die at Armageddon. There is so much in my memory about those times as a child and later as a young adult. If I could take my father and that brother to court I would.

    Guess what! I was threatened with court action instead!! I was threatened with every sort of legal action that came to their minds. This is true, every word of it. I had my children by then and had finally fully confronted my father,who would die in a few months time. So much for a child feeling safe and loved. The older and wiser men in the congregation treated me as a very nasty wicked child..............

  • flipper

    With some of the uninformed statements being hurled around here by WT and JW apologists- thought I might share the link here to the WT Society's letter to the elders in 2012 as it shows how irresponsible they have become in recent years . And how they try to hide and cover their own legal ass to the detriment of child abuse victims. Here is the link :

    This should clear up some concerns for any WT apologists who want to read what the WT Society really says in it's confidential letters to elders. Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
    (((Umbertoecho))), what happened to you is unspeakably wicked. I am so very sorry. It is so brave of you to tell us about your experience.

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