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  • LoveUniHateExams

    I very much enjoyed reading through titch's thread: 'Looking Back in Retrospect to 1975 ...' and all the comments from posters that lived through that event and remembered it.

    I was born in 1979, so had nothing to offer for that thread.

    However, I do remember very clearly living through 1995 (the end of the 1914 generation) and remember how it affected me and my view of the WTS.

    Up until Oct/Nov 1995, I genuinely believed the society to be God's one true earthly organisation. The Watchtower presenting the new meaning of generation seriously shook my faith in the WTS and, I suppose, started me on my journey to TTATT.

    In starting this thread, I suppose I'd like to hear from other posters that started waking up in 1995.

  • Ding

    What surprised me was how willingly most JWs accepted to the overlapping generations teaching even though no one understood it.

    I thought, "What doctrinal change WOULDN'T they just meekly accept?"

  • LoveUniHateExams

    "What doctrinal change WOULDN'T they just meekly accept?" - good point, Ding.

    I remember when the watchtower containing the 1995 generation change was studied at the Sunday meeting.

    I had serious doubts - my head was on fire - and during the study, nobody batted an eyelid. Out of a congregation of roughly 90 - 100 publishers plus kids, only one person (a nice, decent, 'balanced' sister) voiced any concern afterwards. She tutted and said something along the lines of 'it's not the first time they [the society] have done it'.

  • joe134cd
    I was in my 20s in the 1990s and although I remember hearing a conversation on it, I can't actually recall the Wt study. To be honest it never really phased me, as I probably never really grasped the enormity of the situation. Just shrugged my shoulders and thought same ol same ol. It wasn't until I got onto apostate sights that I fully comprehended what had happened and that people had left over the issue.
  • coalize

    I am born in 1979 too.

    And I confess thyat this point, in 1995, I accepted like that. If I remember I was proud because I understood the new explanation for the first reading, while my mother didn't understood nothing. And I had to explain her... several times.

    In the same time, my mother, when it comes to theological point, never understand nothing, but it's another story.

    And I didn't speak with my mother since I faded, but I'm sure she will never understand the new overlap explanation!

    In short, in 1995, I was a JWombie...

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila


    "What doctrinal change WOULDN'T they just meekly accept?"


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  • OnTheWayOut

    1995- They put a couple of paragraphs in a study article of the WATCHTOWER magazine about how Jesus didn't mean what the Watchtower leaders had been saying he meant all these years, but obviously Jesus meant something else. It wasn't an admission that they were just as wrong as they were about 1975 or any other previous failed prophecy/prediction. It was more like it had come to their attention that they can be more right with this new understanding than they previously were. The end of this system would come right on schedule, but we just don't know quite when it is.

    It read like the new understanding was so logical and easy to follow, so of course all the readers will accept it. In reality, it was using a wild definition for the word "generation" and it was very difficult to understand. When I studied the doctrine originally, it was heavily stressed that Watch Tower's teaching about the nearness of the end was not wrong. Now, I saw that they were avoiding the word "wrong" but they were still saying that their previous understanding was not right.

    I spoke with others about this upcoming study and some of the members were quite excited about this "new light." I asked the other more experienced elders about it and was amazed that they simply thought it was no big deal. "They change things sometimes." Well, the day comes when we studied the magazine article in the Kingdom Hall on Sunday. The paragraphs with this huge change in doctrine were covered just like any other paragraphs. The paragraphs were read aloud, the questions at the bottom of the page were asked, and someone answered them. That was it. In less than ten minutes, we were supposed to all change our long held beliefs that we were told were coming from Jehovah through Jesus through the Bible and believe something completely different from now on.

    Despite childhood exposure, I came into the JW's as an adult in 1988 and this was the very beginning of the end of my relationship with them. I had been allowing the literature and lectures to prevent me from thinking for myself for 7 years up until the time those paragraphs were studied. That ended the very moment it was breezed over in the Kingdom Hall like it was just another change. I didn't abandon doing what was expected of me. I didn't say anything to anybody about my new freedom to question things and think for myself, but I was not the same lemming willing to run right off the cliff if the other members did so. The words, "They change things sometimes" spoken by a fellow elder stuck with me. I had expected the end of the world to arrive so soon ever since I first embraced the doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses, but now I knew it would possibly not come in my lifetime.

    I had never counted on retiring before Armageddon. I knew I was going to have to change my priorities. I laid the foundation to focus on finding a career instead of a job, and I stopped standing in my wife's way to get a college education. Sure, I stayed another 11+ years more, but with a different attitude. 1995 was huge for me.

  • RichardHaley

    OTWO: That ended the very moment it was breezed over in the Kingdom Hall like it was just another change. I didn't abandon doing what was expected of me. I didn't say anything to anybody about my new freedom to question things and think for myself, but I was not the same lemming willing to run right off the cliff if the other members did so.

    My sentiments exactly. Two elders sat on my couch and I asked them to explain it to me and they both said they didn't understand it. I told them it wasn't scriptural and they said they would just "wait on Jehovah."
  • the comet
    the comet
    I remember as a young teenager, pre-1995 change arguing with my mom that I could mathematically figure out when the end was coming. I thought ok the 1914 generation will still be around so if Armageddon doesn't come by 2000 it isn't coming at all! She of course said no it doesn't work like that but it's coming soon! Pre 1995 all the parents in my hall would tell all of us kids "you'll never graduate high school" after the change all that talk stopped. When they did change it I just thought, ok they don't really know what Jesus said so they're going with a kinda general vague answer. When the overlapping change happened that's when it dawned on me..wait...God isn't directing everything these guys say!? It truly was the trigger for me to wake up.
  • DesirousOfChange

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