Exodus- Ridley Scott film

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  • jws

    I will say, Vidiot, that I don't think most JWs believe what happened in Noah (the film) really happened either. I really don't think they would believe in the rock monsters. Or that there were other survivors aboard the ark (bc the Bible only said 8). And I would think your average JW would believe that the ark was a rescue ship for the humans as well as animals. (not that humans were to die eventually and animals live on) So the whole plot with Noah trying to prevent the humans from reproducing they wouldn't buy. I forget. Wasn't there something about Methuselah giving some fruit from the garden of eden too? JWs wouldn't buy that either.

    Yes, the flood story is complete nonsense in the bible and the big screen. But like I was saying, the movie takes it's own artistic licenses. So people not liking the movie doesn't always reflect on the Bible directly. If the things they didn't like were added by filmmakers. Somebody unfamiliar might say that Bible is really full of it. Rock monsters? Can you believe the bible says there are rock monsters? When that's only in the film.

    A JW might get stuck on the whole garden-of-eden fruit thing or the extra passenger. Now they're hung up on that and totally missing that the whole idea is silly. Because they're all worried that it's not "factual" according to the Bible.

    It's like my dad refusing to enter a church (even a historical one when visiting historical places) or refusing to sit through the funeral service for his own brother. Because something was different and now he's going to ignore it all. When in fact, the majority of it is the same.

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