Dating again :)

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  • LDH

    Well let us know when the wedding is!

    (that way I can make travel plans).....


  • wonderwoman77


    well I was not exposing my whole life, I just mentioned that I found love again. I am truely happy, so happy that I am bubbling over and cannot help but share myself. I am sorry if you do not have that happiness or have had something to make you so bitter about others sharing their happiness. I am not exposing my whole life, there is much I do not share, sharing that I have found love with a wonderful woman should not bother you and if it does, the fault lies with you.

    SYN-- thanks for wishing me luck, i will let you know how the exist goes...

    BG-- Thank you for sticking up for me. You are such a wonderful person :)

    Anyway, I get to see my girl in 5 days, I am so excited. Thank you to all of you that helped me through so much, you are wonderful people!!!

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