Sorry kids, forget Harry Potter.

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  • dmouse

    With many children waiting expectedly for the new Harry Potter film the Society have issued a pre-emptive strike.

    I feel so sorry for the poor JW kids who won't now be able to go and see the film.

    From Watchtower, October 15th 2002, page 11.

  • Mutz

    Damn, you think maybe I can 'unread' those Harry Potter books I have read? I'd hate to get in trouble with the elders.

  • safe4kids

    This unnecessary type of control is so bleedin' typical! Argh, it annoys me soooooo much. I mean, my goodness, what few pleasures do JW kids have anyway??! Christ, they want to take EVERYTHING away. Altho, in all fairness, it's not only the JWs who try to ban the Harry Potter books/movies; there are other fundy groups out there kicking and screaming about how satanic HP is...give me a break!

    I think there will be some more reasonable JW parents who won't let this stop them from allowing their children to enjoy HP (hehehe, I was that type of JW mom! I just wouldn't talk about it to other JWs )

    Actually, I think this type of narrowminded control will boomerang on the WTS down the road. The kids will get older and be sick of the repression and hopefully leave.

    Dana (as excited as my kids about the next HP movie)

  • blondie

    I suppose that leaves out Aladdin (genie), the Lion King (African spiritism), Beauty and the Beast (dancing/talking dishes?; spell on the Beast), Snow White (witch), Cinderella (fairy godmother), Sleeping Beauty (queen turns into evil dragon), Peter Pan (pixie dust), Dinosaur series (highlights evolution), etc., etc., etc.

    Many JWs will have to clean out that video shelf now. I have heard many refer to Disney movies as a safe choice for JWs. Some even think DisneyWorld is as close to paradise on earth that the world can devise.

    Of course, this quote also can encompass the Lord of the Rings series. And why not Star Wars with the dark side of the Force?

    Time to lock up those Disney, HarryP, and LOTR videos, active JWS.


    SORRY folks but there are some rather narrowmnded and dogmatic xJWs in regard to Harry Potter, etc. but once again it is a free country to be broadminded or narrowminded, etc.HAVE A GREAT LABOR DAY WEEKEND re-reading your Potter Books if you want to...I am addicted to this site guys and my web tv of course...QUEENIE aka LINDA LOU KERSEY (((((HUGS))))) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox

  • Xena

    blondie when I had the bookstudy at my house, I had my daughter's Disney movies displayed in the entertainment center. Needless to say they became the subject for a comment by a sister on "innocent" movies that are actually Satan's tools to disceive the unsuspecting. I ended up caving (yes I know I am ashamed) and putting the movies in the back but I did keep them

    Safe I think I am looking forward to the next Harry Potter movie MORE than my daughter!!!!

  • expatbrit

    Doesn't the Bible smack of the occult?


  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    Is anyone REALLY surprised by this?

  • blondie

    El Kabong (I love that cartoon character), nope. It justs goes in cycles. I remember when Star Wars first came out, then ET. I can remember some young Bethel brothers telling me they went to the Indy Jones movie with the human sacrifice to a false god in it right after it had been denounced to the Bethel family.

    They just lock those videos up just in case the elders drop by. How many caught them perusing your video collection? It was no accident. How many ex-elders were taught to check the brothers and sisters videos when they were visiting them on a shepherding call?

    I remember one brother asking, "Why is there cabinet locked? They must be hiding something."

  • Francois

    There's all sorts of occultism in the bible, beginning with God making everything out of nothing. That's pretty occult.

    Then there's the Witch of Endor. That's pretty occult.

    Then there's all that walking on the water stuff. Strange to me, I think.

    Turning water into wine, and not just any wine but the real Mondavi 1998 Boomerang.

    Bringing Lazarus back to life.

    Sara putting Hagar in her lap so as to facilitate Abram getting his wobbler in there (probably loaned him some tape and a popcicle stick, too).

    Then there's that priest of Jehovah making a pile of wet wood explode into flames.

    And flyin' around. There's a lot of that in there. And lots of fathers screwing daughters, and daughters screwing fathers, and father screwing the maid, and the maid's ass, and Absolom screwing his sister, and then the most incredible part of all, and entire tribe of millions of people wandering around in the SAME area of a pretty small desert for forty years without finding the Jordan river or Jericho or any of that..

    And this is just the normal stuff that just springs to mind. I didn't get out my thesaurus and start looking for the really weird stuff. Like huge boats that use tons of animal shit for ballast for forty days and nights. Or whales that swallow up doubters and then vomit them up without any ill effect from all that stomach acid OR all that lack of oxygen.

    So, there you have it. A scratch on the surface.


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