Anderson's Go to Canada to Testify

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  • silentlambs

    Joe and Barbara Anderson will be representing at the Victoria Boer sexual child abuse trial in Toronto, Canada that will begin on Sept. 9th. The Andersons need a place to stay for approximately one night in Toronto during the trial where Barbara will be called to testify against the Watchtower. In addition, if they could find a place to stay somewhere near Northern Indiana or Michigan, on the way from Tennessee to the trial, and a place to stay when they return, it would save Silentlambs motel costs. It takes approximately ten hours for them to drive to South Bend, Indiana, from where they live in Tennessee. They would like to spend their first night somewhere an hour or two closer than South Bend, maybe eight hours into the trip to Toronto. The Anderson's plan on entering Canada through Detroit. At this time, the date for Barbara to testify is unscheduled, but will most likely be during the second week in September, any day from the 13th on. She should know the exact date when the trial opens on Sept. 9th. Hoping to cut down on expenses, the Anderson's only want to stay in Toronto one night and then head back home.

    If anybody wants to contribute toward the Anderson's trip, please contact Silentlambs. Barbara's testimony in behalf of Vickie Boer should prove to be a "killer" and all interested parties should play close attention.


  • RubyTuesday

    Sorry , I live in Central California.If anyone ever needs a place to stay here ,they are more than welcomed in my home.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Hmmm Sorry but I live in Central Cali Ruby can I stay at your place??

  • Nanoprobe

    If a LOT of us put in a little $$$.

    We can help out a good cause and some very good people.

    How about it?

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  • imanaliento

    We live in Omaha NE. if they want to stop and or stay here, they are welcome.

  • expatbrit

    Bill, you got mail.


  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli


  • sunshineToo

    Let me know if you need a lodging in the SF Bay Area.

  • silentlambs
  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Bill: Please check for an email I sent to you last night.
    Thanks, Had Enough

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