Old Germann Proverb

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  • comforter

    Like Stephanus, I am still retaring. I was just thanking today about an old watchtower that had a germann proverb, "if you rest, you will rust."

    what wisdom of the german proverb. The us is having weight problems these days because of sedentary lifestiles. it is time for people to get from behind them compooters and get out in da field service. it will do you a world of good. resting not only rusts one physically, but spiritually too. exert yourself with vigor.


  • Elsewhere

    Errrrr Ugggggggggggg

    Whew..... getting out of that lazy-boy chair is such a workout! I need a beer!

  • Mum

    Wow, comfy, you're almost making me nostalgic for field service -- not in general, but on the days when we would drive out to the rural territory. We would pack huge deli sandwiches, bananas, grapes, apples, potato salad if the cooler was big enough, homemade cookies and cakes, and munch all day long as we drove from one farmhouse to another and waited in the car for whichever of us was designated to go to the next house.

    Those mid-morning coffee breaks at Krispy Kreme were great, too. Lots of householders loved to give me lemonade and cookies or iced tea or other treats, too. Yum!

  • Crazy151drinker

    Well then Comfortor, maybe you should start using your brain because it sure is rusty....

  • truthseeker1

    The human Wang is a beautiful thing!

  • hillary_step

    Another boring post from the King Of Mental Slumber....


  • scumrat
  • Stephanus

    Here's Milton Henschel out in service with his field service buddy:

  • ISP

    If you rest...you rest. We all need rest. Typical of the WT to put a negative spin on it........rather like the article on 'Easygoing'....


  • ISP

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