Top Ten things from your HALL

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    These are just a few things we observed at our Hall as kids, so if you went to Hague Park in Scarborough in the early 70`s and 80`s you just might be on your ass on this thread!

    10-Don`t help K .L arrange the brushes in his van, if you don`t want to see his Willy

    9-Dont let J. L see you looking at K`s willy at the dinner table.

    8- Wear flea repellant when sitting behind Afka Newman

    7-Stay out of the front row the M`s are coming.

    6-Don`t play penny hockey in the Basement.

    5-Close the washroom door quickly when the Mesics are in there or they will hear the beating during the public talk.

    4-B.O may have never had an Orgasm but she sure liked tickling it during the Watchtower.

    3-Randy really is gay, his hot wife was a JW crossdresser.

    2-If your dealer is out of stash you can always go to the bookstudy at the Degales and get your stash just to cover the cost of dealing.

    1-You really weren`t paying attention at the meetings if you get this e-mail because your free baby!

    Feel free to add your Top Ten from your fav congregation!


    Canadian Overbeer

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    Yes, I'm on my ass!

    BTW, in point (4) you should have B.F., not B.O., she is married now and her last name is F. That's right, her lack of orgasm is due to M.F. her husband. Once again, B.O. is now B.F... and she still has never had an orgasm.


    ROTFLO queenie I gota work on my list now damn it !! QUEENIE

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