Ministry School or Lets play pretend

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  • Beans

    Looking back at the Kingdom Ministry School it really seemed like a childish game of lets play pretent. Somebody gives you an outline and sisters and brothers would act it out, like any of this stuff really ever happened.

    You never saw anybody act out the door slam or any vulgar comments, now that would have made it interesting eh! Another complete waste of time!


    Canadian Overbeer

  • myself

    and the witlesses always won the householder over to thieir way of thinking


  • Quotes

    I don't know, that SALES TRAINING came in handy later in life. Wasn't the best sales training I've seen, but wasn't the worst either.

    Why with that level of training, you could go out from door to door in a Muslim controlled part of the Phillipines and try to sell AVON together with your biblical literature. Then you can see if the Reasoning book has a solution for the conversation stopper "I have my own religion and I'm going to cut off your head now"

  • Scarlet

    I totally agree. In my hall it got so bad that the sisters were pretending to be on a bible study and they would just read the paragraphs and ask the questions. I would try to come up with creative settings but I was always counseled on the fact it is suppose to be a bible study. That was just sooo boring. I did settings like meeting someone at the bus stop, the mall, etc. I would come up with outlandish and unrealistic ones. It was great. I wrote the best talks I used to write talks for my mom, grandma, & aunt. My mom a couple months ago asked me if I'd write a talk for her. I haven't been to a meeting in 3 years and she wants me to write a talk for her. I don't think she would like what I would have to say now she may never speak to me again.

  • chester


    Does your mother Know you have not been to a meeting in three years?

    Just curious.


  • KissAFish

    LMAO here

  • KissAFish

    Ahh where'd my post go.>>?????..... I was saying.. I used to think the same thought..was all let's play pretend... and I'd dream of being an abusive householder.... closest I got to that was doing crosseyes at fellow..."actor" and getting the snorty giggles... ahhh rebellion!

    "Every age is fed on illusions, lest men should renounce life early and the human race come to an end." - Joseph Conrad

  • dsgal

    There was one talk in my hall where two witnesses walked up to the door and the householder started yelling at them to get off of her property and and everybody laughed because it was much more real than what's usually presented.Of course in the end the witnesses won her over.(Yes, I'd love to hear more about God's promise of a new world.Please come back next week and discuss it with me.)GET REAL!!

  • joenobody

    Actually, when I was asked to do demonstrations, I often had the householder politely refuse at the end. It caught people off guard sometimes, but was alot more realistic as far the kind of results one could expect.

    By having fairy tale demos where the householder accepts all the time, it teaches publishers that when they don't get success, it must've been something they did wrong - that they needed to become more effective.

  • truthseeker1

    My old hall they had demos that the householder refused the literature. I like them, though "Woo Hoo!"

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