Halloween Costumes

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  • Jim_TX

    I was at coffee yesterday, and friends I was with started talking about Halloween, and costumes.

    After a bit, I got this 'revelation'!! I asked them...

    "Why not dress up as Santa Claus on Halloween?"

    Well, you'd have thunk I said that Satan wuz Jesus! They told me "Oh no! You don't want to do that!" after which I got this long lecture about how some poor child would be all confused for life, or some such.

    I just thought that it would be a cool idea! I mean... there you are, going from door to door - saying,

    "Ho ho ho! Trick or treat!" and if they don't give you candy, well then you - as Santa - are not obliged to bring them gifts in a couple of months. Fair trade, I say!

    Or... if you are the host - waiting to give out candy, why not dress up as the Easter Bunny? You could then hand out candy Easter eggs or whatever.

    I mean, I think that it's high-time that we economize on these here holidays!

    Of course... these are words from an ex-JW... and I may need help.


    WildTurkey? I always value your input... although, those 'pick-up lines' didn't seem to work too well (said while rubbing NPY slapped face).


    Jim TX

  • Stephanus

    Apparently it was okay for GB members to go trick or treating with younger friends back in the 50s:

  • pomegranate

    OTFLMAO..too funny!!

  • myself

    LOL Jim, sounds like a good way to catch up on all the missed holidays at once. Are there going to be presents too?



    Good imagination.Why not go as Santa? It`s screwed up and funny..Why not go as a JW? A suit ,briefcase,magazines and a sack for your candy..LOL...OUTLAW

  • Jim_TX

    Further thinking on this...

    At Christmas... Santa Claus sould 'employ' the aid of the Easter Bunny to assist him delivering presents.

    Of course, the Easter Bunny would have a tendency to leave the presents outside. In some areas, this would mean that they would be in the snow.

    As is the normal case at Easter, some presents may not be found until later in the year, or even the following year. By then, the boxes would be 'melted'. Some presents may never be found.

    Or - why not use Halloween Witches on brooms, to deliver presents at Christmas. They may not be able to squeeze down the chimneys, but they know 'spells' and 'potions'... very similar, I think to Santa Claus.

    They could also employ Halloween Witches at the local malls, too - if there weren't enuf Santas to go around. I can see it now...

    "Come here, little pret-ty! Tell me what you want for Christmas!" *cackle* *cackle* *cackle*

    Okay, maybe not the best personality to use at Christmas, but probably more realistic in many ways. *grin*


    Jim TX

  • scootergirl

    LOL Outlaw! This is a good idea..................

  • nilfun

    Is is just me or does it look like Milton 'borrowed' the top half of Samuel's outfit for the snapshot?

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Where do you cats come up with this stuff? I was think Milton looked more like Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America."

    <------- is going as Cleopatra

    (first halloween, by the wa)

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