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  • dsgal

    Old one,windows.New one,no windows.My unbeliever husband always viewed this as suspicious...I never knew how to explain it.

  • imanaliento

    having no windows could be one of many mind control methods used, in that it keeps your attention focused inside and not on what might be going on outside.

  • Nowfree

    The old hall did have windows - I think it was built in the 1970's. It was bulldozed by an electricity company about 3 years ago.

    The cong now share with another cong - that hall does have windows, but again it was originally built 20+ years ago.

    A newer hall in another district doesn't have windows though.

    It could be that they are worried about all of us evil apostates going and breaking their windows!! Like we would seriously risk a prison sentence for them! Ha!


  • Sentinel

    Just checked my thread and found even more replies. Thanks to nowfree, imanaliento, dsgal, glitter and blondie for your input....................and

    Crazy, what nice digs you dug up there my friend. I think they are most appropriate, as the "landlord" looks like he could handle those CO's by sticking them up in the tower. lol !! I don't think those JDubs would go for the "politics" of special privileges, though. (but, then again, you never know)


  • ITguy

    Every Hall I've been in has had windows, including ones built in the last 5 years.

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