WT Intransigence Will Be (Is?) Their Undoing

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  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Their stubborn refusal to throw open a whole host of controversial issues -- blood, chronology, congregational discipline, child molestation policy, etc., etc. -- to reappraisal or free and unfettered debate by the rapidly diminishing long-time JW loyalists, many of whom are COs and DOs and who would urge reform and reason, would seem to seal the doom of the organization as we know it. The clock is ticking against them and there is no safety valve on the boiler.

    Haven't these knuckleheads ever read ``iron sharpens iron,'' ``come let us reason together'' and ``in the multitude of counselers there is wisdom?''

  • ISP

    The WTS are not that intransigent. Hey take a look at the changes...But as far as policy changes are concerned...they seem to review matters at intervals of say 5 yrs. Who knows what will happen. But if the WTS does change...expect dubs to lap it up as new light. I don't see any demise there.


  • Francois

    Intransigence has brought down much more powerful organizations than the sickly religious cult, subject of the current thread.

    It seems that the people at the top are the VERY LAST to realize that their goose is cooked because they are isolated from the truth of their own organization by the very insular characteristic that is so much a part of cult organization. The leader(s) surround themselves with sychophants who wouldn't dare be the bringer of unhappy news. Thus the leadership continues to believe its own press releases. It just goes with the territory. And the leadership of the WT, not being too bright to start with, is heading down that same primrose path trod by so many other "greats."

    Let's take a quick peek at history:

    Hitler. Those of his generals who had guts attempted to kill the bastard. The rest just told him what he wanted to hear. I mean the damned Russian tanks had to get as close as the next bus stop before Der Furherer blew out his brains.

    Mussolini. That strutting idiot never did get the idea that his goose was cooked until they strung the bastard up by the heels.

    Isreal. On their way to a generation of captivity in Babylon before they knew what was going on, even though there were HUNDREDS of people just like the people here warning them that they were doing wrong.

    And God knows that Jesus referred to the leaders of Isreal as those who would not listen to prophets and others who were sent to warn it.

    AND WHAT MY FRIENDS, ARE WE DOING HERE VIZ. THE WTBTS? Trying to warn the stiffnecked bastards that they have been weighed in the balance and found wanting. But are they listening? Not by the hair on your chinny chin chin. Old Needle Nose Jaracz thinks he's got all the damned answers and since he's convinced that he's more infallible than the damned Pope, his ass is going to be outside the walls of the "city" where his weeping and the gnashing of his teeth can join that of all the others who knew too damned much to be bothered by that uppity carpenter from Nazareth. "...the appropriate time for Jehovah to act..." if that's not arrogance writ large, I'll kiss your ass on any corner you choose and give you two hours to draw a crowd. Sirona, you first.

    May it be so soooooooon.


  • Pistoff

    francois wrote:

    Thus the leadership continues to believe its own press releases.

    I see this as the crux of the problem; they for years worked toward becoming one of the elite/anointed members of the GB, they believed that the gb had the inside track to god's mind, and now that they are a member, they think that whatever they come up with is god's will.
    Circular logic at it's most destructive. Once I realized it, I felt very free, but not all are so fortunate.
    My middle son is struggling with addiction and all the compulsive behavior that goes with it; he went to the elders with additional info on old behavior, and they did not think he was sorry enough, and df'd him. Problem is, it has awakened in him a desire to do what is right, by the rules, and he is now sucked back into trying to live by rules that he could not keep before, and I am terrified that when he sees through it or realizes they are only men, he will kill himself.

    These men are truly evil; I used to laugh when people wrote that, but it is TRUE; they know how it affects the weak and faithful but still carry on the ruse.
    I hate them.

  • ISP
    I see this as the crux of the problem; they for years worked toward becoming one of the elite/anointed members of the GB

    I think that was certainly the case. But now? The GB resigned and were effectively replaced by a multitude of corporations headed by non-anointed types. I see them becoming more mainstream as time goes on.


  • Omega Man
    Omega Man

    I agree they will go more mainstream....At first the members were hardcore the reward was great and the end was soon exciting times .. today its not as hardcore and ridgid. Its the evolution of a Religion

    I agree they will go more mainstream

    I keep seeing this opinion expressed and scratch my noggin. If this is to be the case anytime soon, somebody'd better get a move on. The recent St. Petersburg Times article efficiently itemized for even the most objective observer only a handful of the nuttyfruity JW religious beliefs/practices/procedures that keep them so far from the mainstream that, if they start reforms today, it will take 2,520 years for the light from mainstream to reach them.

    ....At first the members were hardcore the reward was great and the end was soon exciting times .. today its not as hardcore and ridgid. Its the evolution of a Religion.

    The recent actions taken against whistleblowers in the organization and the August, 2002 KM insert would all appear to be at severe odds with your observation.

    ( http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/forum/thread.aspx?d=33398&site=3 )

    (Hmm...demons bugging the formatting again, I see.)


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  • Grunt

    I am so sorry for your son. Regarding this bunch, I hate them too.

    Regarding this cult going mainstream, I think that might have been in the cards at one time, but isn't any longer. If anything I think they are now circling the wagons and becoming more cultish and demanding. Look at the recent KM and the changes at the official site.

    While they do change frequently, the changes are rarely for the better! It isn't as though they got the most reasonable people together and said sincerely, "What is the right thing to do?" They get a bunch of kiss-ups and company men together with their bosses and then ask "What's best for the Organization? Especially legally???" They draw their answers from old Watchtowers.

    The good thing is that there are so many more of US. When they only had a relatively few disconnected ex-witnesses they could get away with a lot more. Now we are probably growing faster than they are. I believe junior acknowledged about 60,000 a year df'd. Who knows how many disassociate and fade??? Plus, I really do believe they lose the best and brightest and keep the most docile and narrow-minded. For many the only REAL reason they stay is the investment of years they would have to admit as wasted if they leave and the pain of having been so gullible. I think we can all agree on that. I really can't believe I ever bought their shit. I can make lots of excuses, ignorance of the Bible, of their history, of many of their real beliefs (mediatorship) and of course my family being in. Still, not matter what I was a damn fool and I hurt my children my wife and myself by being so blind and stupid as to believe their hogwash.

    Mainstream, no, an unattainable goal for this cult in my opinion. I see them as getting smaller, tighter and more spiteful until they disappear.

  • twain30

    20 or 30 years ago you could write the Society ask a good question and get an answer, this was OK. Brothers in high position would even say that if it had not been for publishers inquiring about things, changes for the better wouldn't have been made, that I respected. Today any publisher who would dare write a question to the Society would be questioned as to why he didn't follow the proper chain of command. That person would be scrutinized and called to the carpet. I see this as a very negative change for the worse.

    Today there is much more micro-management as to things like theocratic procedure at meetings, field service procedures and time reports, regimentation at assemblies, dress, and even the words and phrases one might choose to use.

    Any toleration of variety is out. Doing things according to a pre-set formula and being a yes man is in.

  • Farkel

    : and ``in the multitude of counselers there is wisdom?''

    Jaracz would never allow that. He has control over the GB and all the new hard-line stuff is his doing. He is every bit as deluded and insane as Hitler and Mussolini.

    The WTS has spent decades painting itself into a corner. They won't easily get out of it and in any event, it will be painful for their Corporate bottom-line.


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