Godfather Rutherford (Photoshop-fun)

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  • sisteract

    i just got home from work a short time ago, and this is the best post of the night. thanks for the laugh!!!!

  • LDH

    I am so jealous of you artistic types! I've got all sorts of this crap stuck in my hand and I can't translate it to paper OR pixel.

    Hell, I can't even draw flies.


  • SYN

    LDH, it's actually really easy, the hard part is manipulating the layers and alpha blending and blurring in Photoshop and finding images that go well together without scaling. With the right source images, this stuff is a breeze!

  • SYN

    AWWWW sh*te, I hit my bandwidth cap! Can't anybody host these pictures I made please???

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  • DannyBear


    Charles T, as the original FDS, is undoubtably sitting on his throne along with the other 136,000 (8000 remnants to go) considering your fate at the big A.

    Charles Taze: Come on Jehovah, I have had just about enough of these apostates antics. Havn't I been embarassed enough? 1914, 1918, 1975, 2000 all just slipped by without a peep from you. Am I supposed to just sit here on my throne and smile at this guy SYN's pictures?

    Jehovah: You know Iam waiting for the remaining 8,000 anointed to join you. Especially that guy You Know, he is the youngest of all the remaining ones, but he is full of idea's on how to deal with those wicked apostates. Why he has even written about ways of killing the bastards, that I never even considered. In fact I may ask the Judge to give up his seat to the guy,

    Rutherford: Hold on Jehovah, wasn't I the guy who placed huge loud speakers on cars blasting neighborhoods all over the country, proclaiming your word? Wasn't I the guy who who made thousands of records, opened a radio station, wrote reams of prophecy...btw Jah you owe me one, for never once fulfilling any of them,,,wasn't I the guy who named your chosen people?

    Jehovah: Yeah, yeah, Judge I get tired of your constant whining, don't you ever give up?

    Fred Franz: Now lets just SQUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH ! all this once and for all. I have suffered more than Charley or Ruthy. Who wrote that 450 + page book Babylon the Great has Fallen God's..well you know?????. I had our earthly borhter's and sister's hoppin around , reading every newspaper, looking for signs and portents, for years. Yet you never did a damn thing Jah. So who is more deserving than me?

    Jehovah: Now, now Freddy go and take your meds.

    Nathan Knorr: Jah I always wore the best business suit and tie, I always wore my wing tips, I watched over the Bethel boys, I even went so far as to demonstrate how to use the urinals. Why my god, I never wavered in demeaning, chastizing, berating any of those malcontents at the breakfast table whenever possible, did I not?

    Jehovah: Natey boy, you lose, you did not control Freddy while he was under your care, you know how much damage all his mind games caused me. Now you will just have to wait on me. I havn't decided what to do about you yet.

    The Other 136,000: We want the big A, we want the big A, we want the big A.

    Jehovah: Hey why should it be any different up here. You had to wait on me, until you died on earth....so whats the big deal.....YOU HAVE TO WAIT ON ME NOW. So shut up.


  • joenobody

    The Austin Powers one takes the cake... the movie was a bit wishy-washy and inconsistent, but "Hard Knock Life" had me rolling on the floor!

  • SYN

    DannyBear: LMAO! I'm amazed that the Annointed have computers, let alone web browsers! Some sort of ethereal computing device, perhaps? Or do they hitch rides into our brains while we view these sites instead? Such are the mysteries of the Annointed Class! Thanks for an hilarious post!

    OK, if anybody here can get me more GB Members' pictures, I PROMISE I'll Photoshop them for you! You just say what position to Photoshop the GB member in, who to put them with, and I'll cook something up for ya! Come on guys, these GB guys are hard to find pictures of!

    EDITED TO ADD: I want to get ALL of the Presidents of the Society from past to present into ONE image! SO HELP ME OUT HERE!

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  • Xander

    Hmmm....how many are there?

    I would probably start with something like:

    EDIT: Don't have photoshop at work, so you'll all have to wait to see my take on this thread. Thinking of something clever....

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    What a bunch of screw-up`s! Those pic`s are funny.Thanks for the laugh...OUTLAW

  • DannyBear

    Hell SYN didn't you know that Charles Taze invented the internet? If he could do the first color slide show on earth, he could have you know.

    I will go so far to say that he probably 'imbued' (and I use the word only because it expresses my thought) big Al Bore with idea anyway. He was not very happy about Al taking the credit though!!

    Your to funny sometimes. Hey really enjoyed your little piece on 'loving friends and clean panties' in that onther thread. Meant to tell you so....so there.


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