Is your family life all it could be ?

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  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    My family life is today what I make it. That excludes the JW side because they are what they are. Their lose, not mine. Really. They miss out on the grandchildren, the greatgrandchilren, the neices, nepehews, cousins...the LOVE. thankful I'm no longer missing their association. Remember, bad association spoils useful habits. And my habit is about embracing the many who for whatever reason are not allowed, or chose to not have association with their immediate family. I know we're on a site for recovering JW's, but talk to children of alcholics or other drug user's...maybe even the workaholic...or those who grew up around mentally disturbed parent(s) in general. JW children are hardly alone when it comes to feelings of abandoment by the parents. But I do understand what you're getting at.....cheers.


  • plmkrzy

    This is my uncle playing entertain us in the backyard

    And this is my aunt when she found out I stopped going to meetings

    My cousin Barney in the middle has no knees so I prommised not to show his face in the picture.

    He is real sensitive about it.

    My neices posting on the board and pretending to be me.

    Don't know how this got in here. Its a picture of the Judicial committies kids in my old congergation. Oh geesh, that right i use to hang out with them, forgot.

    My brothers graduation picture. rolls eyes

    Thats my ex-husband in the middle of me and his ex wife just before I punched her out. She would always show up unannounced and never wanna leave. dang! Finally I had to resort to violence.

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