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  • Sentinel


    When you mentioned about the demons and the nightmares, I zipped right back to my childhood, and even years later, when I was frightened to death of the dark and everything the JW's labeled as from Satan.

    Now, when I go to sleep, I like it very dark, with no lights on at all. I even cover up the light on the VCR in the BR and my clock. I allow the dark to comfort me now and I sleep like I never used to. It took a long time to get past all that.

    What a horrible experience you had, losing your mom, and then having to deal with a "wicked" stepmother. It sounds to me like she really wasn't strong enough to decide things for herself, and so she blamed everyone around her for how miserable her life was. She is messed up big time.

    Families become so weird while in the borg, and more weird when they are "fence sitting" and even more "weird" when one of their own leaves, while they can't manage to get out. So they just hurt and blame and shun and abuse. It's all so very un-christian. So very un-loving, isn't it?

    Well, now you are out and making new friends and growing stronger. This is a really great place to be, among people who truly do understand. You can vent, you can question, you can comment, or just read. I will look for your posts in the days to come.

    Love and Light,


  • BugParadise

    Hi Little W {{{{{{{{{Hugs!}}}}}}}}

    Welcome to the board! Sorry you had that trauma in your childhood. I guess the saying goes, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger .... (Just haven't figured out exactly where the 'stronger' part is hiding out half the time. )


  • Cassiline

    Welcome Little Witch

    Thank you for sharing your story. I see why you use the name but I will think of you as Cinderella.

    Looking foward to your posts.



  • siegswife

    Hi Littlewitch! I'm sorry that you had to live like that for so long, but glad it made you see the JW's perfect society for what it is. If you would have had such an unloving upbringing from someone other than the the Stepmonster you'd have been a prime candidate for assimilation at a later date.

    I'm glad you're free.

  • Crazy151drinker

    Welcome and enjoy the Show

  • capbuster

    Hey there youngin, (I'm like some of the rest, I can't call you by your handle, because you have been through so much) I just got on this board a few days ago and they made me very welcome. I only have good things to say about this board, there are some truly good and healing people here. You said you were a Baptist now, are you enjoying your life better now? I hope you are. Take care and welcome.


  • Prisca

    Welcome (((((((((LW)))))))))

    I too have a "stepmonster" so I can relate to what you said about her. But I am glad you no longer have to put up with her in your family.

    Welcome to the board.

  • BluesBrother

    Thank you for sharing, Little Witch ( If you like the name, so be it )

    These sad stories always get to me , it makes me realise that things were never great in dubland , at least not for all , and that at a time when I believed that all witness families lived like The Waltons (G'night Johnboy)

    This is sad

    I know of one girl who stayed, and even though she wanted a family of her own very badly, has decided to delay having kids untill the ''new system''. She is now in her forties, and is a pioneer.
  • bikerchic

    Welcome Little Witch, and I like your name what an awesome idea to take something out of the negitive light and make it positive!

    I can tell you are a true survivor! You'll find lots of support here, for the most part we all have been scared by the B'org in someway or another. The more I read of the family lives of those here the more I am convinced that the B'orginazation is one of the most disfunctional society alive.

    Sentinel, how funny I too love to sleep in total darkness and I cover up the lights on my VCR, microwave, alarm clock and anything else that has a light glowing! Damn those appliances give off a "glow" that I can see with my eyes shut! LOL I never bothered to figure out why I love the dark, I used to be scared of it so I figured I have made progress.

    Hope to hear more from you Little Witch, join us roudy ones in chat!

    bc I'll go back when pigs fly!

  • BeautifulGarbage

    Welcome Little Witch,

    Loved the story behind your name!


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