Professor talks about JWs in my 1st college course

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  • detective

    In these parts, The Boston Church of Christ (which I guess is now called the Multiplying Ministries?!) is heavy on recruiting especially around college campuses. From my conversations with them, they too could pull a good scripture out of their, um, hat whenever they needed to. Of course, they've been taught how to do that so it appears that they have a greater understanding of the bible. And it certainly works.
    It's an effective recruiting technique. Of course, so much of it is based on memorization as opposed to comprehension that it can quickly fall apart upon scrutiny.

    Do I really care if someone can tell me that the word whale appears 256 times in Moby Dick or that Oceania first appears on page twenty three of Orwell's 1984 if they miss the whole point of the stories? Okay, I might be mildly impressed more in a stupid human trick type of manner...
    People want substance. Lack of true substance will eventually be revealed. Yes, people like good advertisements, but they like reliable products better in the long run.

  • DJ

    Hi Everbody:

    Is it just me or does this bug others too? I hate to read threads that go off the screen. I have my monitor at max.size. Why does this happen??? I get dizzy trying to read them. I hope that there is someone out there who knows what I mean......sorry for being stupid......I didn't even read this thread.

    LOL, dj

  • Francois

    DJ, you're not the only one. This thread is twice as wide as my screen. TWICE. I don't even bother. Why does this happen?


  • writerpen

    DJ - I hate this screen thing too. I think the problem may have been that I originally typed the thread in Microsoft Word and then copied it to this board. In doing so, I was messing with the font, but I'm not 100% sure that is the reason.

    outnfree and gsx - congrats on starting/restarting college. It is such a freeing experience, isn't it?

  • gsx1138

    Actually the problem arose from JBean's post. It looks like he had to recopy his original post and re-enter it. When you do this, mostly through incorrect username or password, it does not reformat to the original page size.

    Thanks! I love school and if I could afford it I'd be a lifetime student just learning as much as I could.

  • DJ

    Thanks Francois....I thought that I needed a new GIANT

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I took a medical ethics course and the textbook had a chapter on JWs and the blood policy and you betya we talked about it - in detail. it was the first time I ever truly enjoyed a discussion on this topic

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