Forth Worth, TX molester-anyone know?

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  • silentlambs

    It has been brought to my attention there is an alleged JW child molester in the Fort Worth, Texas area. It is my understanding he has been accused of molesting more than one child, his first name is Mark. He is currently in prison pending further investigation and awaiting prosecution. All records to this case have been sealed. If you know anything about this case or any of the victims please email silentlambs. [email protected] It appears WT may be trying to keep this one secret.


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  • nativenyr23


    I live in Fort Worth and went to Southside Congregation (Spanish). If I can help in any way, please let me know. Unfortunately, this isn't ringing any bells for me. But i will try to snoop and see what I can find.


  • Cappuccino OC
    Cappuccino OC

    Hi Bill,

    No I don't know them.

    But I just found out about another JW child molester in the Coalinga, California area. The JW molester is from a spanish congregation.

    My aunt & her husband, an elder, are helping this young girl from the congregation with child abuse issues. Is there anyway that an article in the newspaper can be written. It would be one of the only ways to help this girl.

    My heart sank when I found out because I can only imagine how they are 'brainwashing' this girl in order to keep quiet & not dirty Jehovah's name.

    I hope someone reading this will know the JW molester & relay the info to Bill @ Silent lambs.


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  • MegaDude

    There have been child molesters in my last four Texas congregations. As far as Ft. Worth, I don't know a "Mark" who has been arrested. I do know a "Marvin" and a "David." I will ask around.

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  • VeniceIT
  • abbagail

    Unfortunately, I am far from Texas and know nothing of this. But BTTT anyway, which is why I am posting!


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