Circuit Leasing

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  • freedom96

    I thought about this when I read a thread about Bethel CoachTours. This is "Circuit Leasing"

    My understanding is that these are the cars that circuit overseers had, and were being sold to the witnesses. Can you imagine telling everyone so proudly that you were driving a previous circuit overseers car?

    Well, a few months ago, I checked this site: and communicated via email with someone there. Now, I am in the car business, and so I was able to ask a few questions regarding condition, where they come from, financing options, etc. I emailed probably twice, and received extremely rude and short responses. I emailed again, asking if they were affiliated with witnesses. The response came back WHY? I responded, and never got any more replies. I never was rude, but asked genuine questions anyone actually looking for a car would ask. I was astonished at the way I was treated. If in fact, I was a "wordly person" perhaps studying, and I heard about this great way to buy a car, I would be turned off bigtime. What? This the true religion of love? Not the way I was treated. And once again, I was not rude, just inquisitive. Any thoughts?

  • PandaJ

    I doubt that site has anything to do with JW's.

  • frogit

    All circuit cars need to carry Golf Stuff!!!!

    no room for misery bag!


  • DazedAndConfused

    From what I understand....this IS selling of Circuit Overseers "old" cars. I put old in parenthesis because by most standards theses are NOT old.

  • Crystal

    Buy a Luxory car from the "Poor" servants of Jehovah!

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    The Front-Page of The "Poor" servants of Jehovah needs money, and members of the JW congregations all over the world have to give money to them when they visit a congregation. They are fed, clothed and everything by the rank and file JW. But they do have style in driving!

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    Why not a Buic Le Sabre? How novel. Purportedly supported by "voluntary donations" with which they buy these cars, the Society decides to take your gift and sell it back to a profit! This diabloic, crafty scheme can only come from the minds of "Jehovah." The "minds of Minolta" have no chance.
    Yes, you too can be the proud owner of a completely reconditioned luxury Buick LeSabre once driven by circuit and district overseers to and from Kingdom Halls making sure everyone towed the party line (and to think...Jesus didn't even have a place to lay his head). Guess the Governing Body wants to make sure their "yes" men, the overseers (in the United States only!), have snug and comfy butts so they can kick ass! Oh, those supple, heated leather seats feel so good! The 'brothers' in Africa have to take unreliable busses (if available) or walk. Unfortunately, racism rears its ugly head once again in WTDom.

    The Spacious six-passenger cabin is extremely quiet at highway speeds. Comfortable, contoured seating joins with the smooth Dyna-Ride suspension and the easily accessed wrap-around instrument panel to put the driver at ease and inspire a secure feeling in passengers.

    This is what they say about the car, which undoubtedly is true. The question is how they can afford it - being real beggars!

    In Norway there is a law saying you have to inform the authorities if you get a "gift" of more than 500 NKR, so these people says they don't want 1000 kr or more. They will rather have 2 times 500!

    I have also checked the fact they claim they NEVER get any gifts at all, and I had quite a row with the late spokesman Niels Petersen in Enebakk, Norway, who claimed I attacked "poor servants of Jehovah", who were living on the "minimum of existance".

    I wonder how they can afford several tours to the Canary Islands every yesr, tours that do cost 5000 Kr a head - with an income of 16.000!

    Niels Petersen never answered to that.

    In the US these "poor" people are riding Buick Le Sabre - and I bet many of the rank and file would never have the money for that. But then again - they may be have enough paying for their "servants" cars!

    Here are the spesifications of these cars:
    Comfort & Convenience
    Air conditioning-CFC-free refrigerant
    Electronic cruise control w/resume feature
    Tilt steering wheel
    Power windows w/driver's window "express-down" and passenger lockout features
    Dual sun visors with auxiliary sunshades & lighted visor vanity mirrors
    Twilight Sentinel automatic headlamp control system
    Headlamp-on reminder chime
    Daytime running lights
    Power trunk lid lock release
    Trunk cargo net
    Front seat shoulder belt height adjusters
    Rear seat belt child comfort guides
    Power remote control outside mirrors
    Full analog instrumentation

    Audio System

    Power loading CD & cassette players w/ETR AM-FM Stereo w/seek & scan, automatic tone control, auto reverse and search/repeat, and digital clock & 18 station presets .
    Steering wheel radio controls
    Concert Sound II Dolby six-speaker sound system
    Antenna integrated in rear window glass

    Seating & Trim

    6-way power driver's and passenger's seats
    55/45 divided front seat with dual recliners
    Front-seat storage armrest w/dual cup holders
    Carpeted front and rear floor mats
    Full trunk trim carpet w/17.1 cubic feet of space
    6 passenger seating
    Auxiliary power outlet

    Safety & Security

    Dual front air bags - Supplemental Restraint System
    4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS)
    Power door locks
    Remote-control keyless entry system w/"panic" button
    PASS-Key II theft-deterrent system
    Rear-door child security locks
    Electronic rear window defogger


    Soft-Ray tinted windows w/solar control windshield
    Deluxe 2-speed plus variable delay windshield wipers
    Power remote control deluxe body-color outside rearview mirrors
    Painted accent stripes
    15" aluminum wheels
    P205/70R15 steel belted radial tires
    6 year/100,000 mile GM rust-through warranty (began on 9/1/98)
    Tethered fuel tank cap


    Excellent gas mileage: EPA 19 city / 30 hwy
    3800 Series II 3.8 Liter port fuel injected V-6 engine
    4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS)
    Power front disc, rear drum brakes
    Front wheel drive
    Electronic traction control - full range
    Automatic load leveling control on rear suspension
    Power rack-and-pinion steering
    Improved 4-speed automatic transmission w/overdrive
    DynaRide 4-wheel independent suspension system
    Stainless steel exhaust

    The 3800 Series II V6 Engine

    Rated by Ward's Auto World as one of the 10 best engines in the world, the 3800 Series II V6 delivers 205 horsepower @ 5200 rpm, and 230 ft-lbs of torque @ 4000 rpm. This engine with its sequential-port fuel injection provides swift acceleration. All this without intruding on your peace and quiet. It delivers all the power you need to pass confidently and accelerate quickly. Yet, all of this power does not come at the expense of fuel economy - the 3800 engine is EPA rated at 19 MPG city and 30 MPG highway. The muscular 3800 Series II is synchronized to an electronically controlled automatic transmission for silent, effortless movement.

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    You MAY get such a jewel - if you ask politely! Oh - I forgot the most important!

    You can get a FREE "No Blood" Key-Chain!

    Personally I have asked for one, but for some reson I have never received it.......

  • freedom96

    Yes, I forgot to mention about the "no blood" key chain, with the circuit leasing info on the back! I think I will email and get one! Ha Ha. Don't think so, but quite amusing. I wonder how many witnesses know about this? Why are they so secretive? HMMMM

  • teenyuck

    I called the number on the website. I asked if they were affiliated with the JW's.


    I said my mother was looking for a car and she heard that she could purchase an auto that a circuit overseer used?

    Yes, the man then said they were affiliated with the dubs. What congregation do you go to?

    I stupidily told him the local KH here, where I live. He wanted my name. I gave him my maiden name. I got the full packet. I did get the No blood key chain from them and from Bethel Coach Tours.

    The guy on the phone asked if I knew Brother So and So at the KH! I almost choked. He is in PA, I am in Ohio. I said I did not. He said he was surprised that I would not. Apparently Bro so & so is a biggie here.

    I did get the packet of info though because I stressed it was for my mother who was in "good standing."

    He was hostile at first. I tried to be calm and sound sincere when I phoned. It was unnerving to speak to a dub after all these years.

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