MATRIX fans, I need your help fast!!!

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    Thanks Ballistic, I've never seen that before! I've printed off the info there and will sit here and read it. Where Bill is leading me with all these "steps" I haven't figured out yet, as I'm only on step two. But, I'm anxious to keep going and see where this leads me. Thanks y'all!! :-)

  • bigboi

    I don't wanna be redundant so I'll just answer question 3.

    #3 I think Randy Watters is a good equivilant to Morpheus in the Matrix. he has a lot f info on his site that's opened plenty of ppl's eyes to borgs machinations.



  • Zechariah

    Past post on the Matrix

    The movie "The Matrix" revisited

    This weekend the TNT station replayed the movie "The Matrix" for three nights in a row. It will play again tonight at 8PM. If you have not seen it I encourage you to do so. Not only is it a great adventure movie but it is also extremely profound about the strange but true realities of life.

    The following is a post from a couple years back when the Matrix first was released.

    It was last year about this same time that I presented to you all on the board lessons from Stars Wars. Recently the same type of inspiration befell me in watching the new sci-fi thriller "the Matrix". There was obvious to me many symbolic representations of biblical prophecies that are far beyond chance.

    Again the forces of light and darkness are pitted against each other. If you have not yet seen the movie I highly recommend you do. My commentary here on the movie should make the movie far more interesting.

    Let me begin by summarizing what the movie was all about. A man named "Neo" had grown up in a modern earth society. He was contacted by a band of rebels who sought to defeat the controlling world government.He was contacted by these and abducted to their spaceship headquarters stationed above the earth.

    Neo was placed in the care and training of Morpheus who began to train him with the notion that Neo was the promised one to deliver the world from oppression. It was explained to Neo that all of earth's society was a virtual reality computer simulation and that people had their consciousnesses (souls) transported into the Matrix while their real selves were being fed upon as batteries by the race of machines who a longtime took over the world in combat with humans years ago and used them as sources of energy.

    The matrix was provided to keep the batteries (people) under control by making them content with the illusion they are living free, prosperous lives. This illusion is provided by a virtual reality program that creates a living environment that could not be distinguishable from the real thing. The reality of the real world is that it is a burned out cinder from nuclear warfare between the artificial intelligence machines and humans.

    The rebel forces were comprised of persons who were freed from their captivity as energy sources and were devoted to now freeing others. Neo developed, trained for and fulfilled his destiny as the promised one who will set all people free of the Matrix. He successfully battled the agents of the machines who were supernaturally gifted warriors.

    A major interpretation might be that the Machines represented Satan the Devil. The darkly uniformly dressed agents would represent the agents in Satan's command (the demons). The Matrix is the present modern system of things that although on the surface appears to be real and appealing is in many ways corruptly holding people in slavery together with oppressing them, draining them physically and spiritually.

    Neo would represent Jesus Christ and his promised return and the rebel agents of light are Christ's angels. Morpheus is a John the Baptist figure commissioned to prepare Neo (Christ) for fulfilling his destiny.

    A more minor interpretation would be that the Matrix represents the Watchtower Organization and the Machnes are again Satan the Devil or in this case that which places itself in his place the governing body. The agents of darkness are those in positions over the flock to keep them in line (the elders). The rebel agents of light are those who have escaped the organization (the matrix)and are seeking to help others do the same.

    Neo and Morpheus are those spearheading the battle and training people for the battle (Armageddon) against the control of the organization. Such symbolisms identify "Babylon the Great" clearly as the Matrix.

    It represents organizations acting in the place of God that would try to control and oppress God's people (all people everywhere whose heart is right with God). Jehovah's Witnesses are as such Babylon the Great as much as any other religion. It is prophecied that Christ will do battle with and destroy completely Babylon.

    The key lessons of the Matrix are many..
    - Our real selves, not our illusionary physical bodies provided us while we are in the Matrix (so called real life) represents the soul of man. Realizing this truth frees men from captivity to the Matrix and proves that the only limits as to what is possible for us in this fantasy life existence is that which we create for ourselves. Believing makes all things possible.

    Peoples ultimate peception of what is real inside the Matrix is what determines their personal reality. The rebel agents like angels can be transported into and exited from the matrix and the temporary physical bodies they were provided with to fulfill their emergency rescue missions. Thus is possible for all angels of God as many seemingly average humans are angels of light on a mission however short in duration their earthly lives last.

    There are many more important analogies and lessons to be extracted from the movie. Your thoughts about my imaginings will be greatly appreciated.


  • Lin

    Hi all, thanks for your help. Some of my answers were already right in line with some of yours. I posted this because I wasn't quite sure if I was thinking correctly, since the wording of a couple of the questions caused me to think only WITHIN the Org, rather than outside the Org. One question was who is Morpheus in relation to the JW's? So, I was thinking only within the Org rather than outside the org. Anyway, I think I finally got it right. I got in a little twobble for posting it, snif snif...I guess I cheated by asking. Well, for the rest of my "homework" I'm doing it all on my own, even if the questions are sometimes confusing. Thanks!

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