SHOULD CHRISTIAN wear thong undies??

by QUEENIE 28 Replies latest jw friends


    THEY GOT A THREAD should christians wear sandals --- I want to know should they wear thong undies -- well is it unchristian?? which is more important and should a body worry about it day and night until one gets an ulcer ...queenie

  • blondie

    I'm already always pulling mine out of the crack with regular undies. What do you do, glue it? But I'm in favor of thong sandals (combining 2 threads).

  • ozziepost

    G'day Queenie,

    Perhaps you'll find the comments on this thread are helpful in answering your question:

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • dsgal

    I think that is now a matter of conscience.If it doesn't bother you to wear thongs,then by all means go ahead.But if you feel so guilty about it you cannot even concentrate on what's being said from the platform,then your conscience is telling you that you should switch to grandma drawers.

  • butalbee

    Nakedness is next to godliness.

  • AjaxMan

    Whether a Christian can wear thong undies, it is none of these elders, GB's or any religious authorities' business.

    Personally, I love seeing gals in thongs

  • Elsewhere

    I find it amazing that a religious organization would be concerned about the shape of the undergarment worn by its female members. Some how they think that only Granny-Panties are acceptable.

    When a woman is raped, the rapist does not ask, "Uh, before I decide to rape you, I need to know what ya got on under there..."

    What about man-thongs? (YICK! - Shutter) Do they ever ask the man what he was wearing?

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  • butalbee

    Okay, Else--watcha got under there!!!!

  • Elsewhere

    Ain't gonna tell ya...

    Only way to find out is to come and take a peak! 'Course if I let ya see mine, you have to show me yours!

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  • mommy1

    As long as a "sister" doesn't wear them with one of those wrap around skirts out in service on a windy day. Who would Know? lol . I wore one of those skirts and it was windy and I was just glad I wore a slip. Hey everyone have a great day, thanks Queenie I needed a little laugh, this pedophile thing has really been hard on me.

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