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    Let me begin by saying, I have to go through Freeminds to get to the JW forum. Why? My computor has been experiencing plenty of Java scripts.

    Let me also say, I have not left any messages on silentlambs,only to view experiences. (double check your assumption)

    I copied your post and I will print it out to be used as a future reference.

    Let me begin by quoting what you said, "As I have said, I have no memory whatsoever if this uncle abused me personally......I believe without a doubt that the 'monster' in that dream was the pedophile, but there is no way to prove it....."

    If you were to go back to my re-read my post which I suggested others to view, and read the entire recommended article, you would learn that I used that heading from the article because I thought it was fitting.
    Apparently others did not fully read the entire article but had their minds all set on dealing with the ten commandments.

    Now going back the above points, I was referring to those who literally experienced such VILE and DEMONIC imposition. As I have said, in my posts, my brothers also experienced it and they ALL have reacted differently to their experience. Your family members also proved my point. Since yours is repressed in memory, my experience and the experience of your family members are not repressed, they are real. You shared the expereinces of your family members not YOURS. Now, let them come forward and express their feelings and experiences on paper. It will be very, very, very difficult to do. That's the point I'm driving at, not for others to speak in their behalf. I spoke on my behalf and not in behalf of my brothers. Am I to assume that the way I think and feel coincides with their thoughts and feelings? No way!

    I swore to myself that nobody will ever abuse me again and I have kept that oath to this day. What and how you think of me will have NO affect on me. You see that's what abuse does to you. I'm not referring to just sexual abuse but mental, physical and emotional abuse. For any male to come forward and share his abuses, I would give that person two thumbs up! It is much easier for females to come forward but not men.

    I have said enough because there's no need to say anymore. The rest is left to your imagination. I will repeat what I have said over and over again, a death sentence has been passed on to victims of pedophilia. Please do not try to think how they think and feel because you can't. Each will react differently. It saddens me to hear when some commit suicide, and believe you me when I say, it's a shared thought.

    As to scripture citing, what affect does those scriptures have on Christians? Those scriptures go on one ear and out the other to pedophiles, witnesses or not. Besides, how many people have violated stop signs?

    Guest 77

  • abbagail

    Excuse me for being female and not male.
    Excuse me that none of my family are or ever were JWs, and hence would not be posting here.
    Excuse me for having repressed memories.
    Excuse me that you do not "rate" my abuse on a level as high up as yours. (No problem, you can take the "blue ribbon" if that makes you feel better.)
    Excuse me but I could care less if what I wrote has any effect on you or not.
    Excuse me but you are one waaay tooo hard-line, angry person for my taste.
    Excuse me but you flat out give me the creeps!
    Excuse me for ever cruising by your post and stopping in (believe me, it will **never** happen again).
    Excuse us all for being misled by the title of your topic.
    Excuse me for thinking I was doing something NICE by sharing scriptures. (I know one person thanked me, and that was good enough for me. If the author of the topic, yourself, didn't like the scriptures, so be it.)

    I'll say a prayer for you.


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    Guest 77

    You are excused Grits! Didn't Jesus say, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks?"

    Guest 77

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