Scuba/Edmonds/Sore Butt???

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  • LB

    Mrs. LB and I returned to the scene of the NW apostafest crime scene this weekend. We went back up to Edmonds WA and did some scuba diving with Mr. Princess and our son. We also enjoyed TWO, count them TWO fantastic meals prepared by Princess.

    The sore butt? No that isn't a result of some sort of apostasin by Mr Princess. It's a result of 8 1/2 hours on I-5.

    Sort of nice to introduce a loving family to our JW son that isn't in the "truth". He really enjoyed their company and says he hopes he'll have the same relationship with his young son as Steve and Rachel have with their children.

    I owe you guys a lot up there, thank you.


  • myself

    LB, the sore butt sounds like it was worth the fun. Glad that everyone had fun.

  • Princess

    Steve is going to love the "Mr Princess" Al. Good one. We had a lot of fun too. You have a great wife and son. Steve thought Mike was such a good sport catching the crab that he couldn't eat! I'm sure he was glad to get back to his family, he obviously is proud of them.

    I had a great time building sand castles with my kids two days in a row while you guys were diving.

    I should have sent the rest of that pie with you. Sorry. We ate it.

    Hugs to you and Jill.


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