Do you have Alzheimer's?

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  • Nanoprobe

    Researchers have found that verbal memory tests were the best overall predictor of Alzheimers in the elderly,

    In particular, the California Verbal Learning Test, in which volunteers were read a list of 15 words several times and then asked to recall them 20 minutes later, was nearly 100 percent accurate in predicting who would go on to eventually develop Alzheimers,

    California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT) the task is to study a list of16 words
     (four words each from four different semantic categories) and recall the list over five repeated trials. 

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  • blondie

    If I had it, how would I know? I do suffer from oldtimer's disease.

  • Nanoprobe

    Do you think that the fact that I posted a totally blank page the first time .. . . doesn't hold out much hope for me and Alzheimers

  • blondie

    Don't worry, nano, it's happened to others today, blank posts that is. Simon has been adjusting things. Anyway, alzheimer's doesn't mean your mind is blank, you just forgot where you put it.

  • Mary

    My grandmother died from Alzheimers about 7 years ago, and her mother died from the same thing, so chances are, my mother will get it and so will I.

    My grandma was always a devout JW and up until she started getting this horrid disease, she never missed a meeting and pioneered well in to her 80s. When she started getting this disease, I recognized what it was immediately but my uncle, for some reason, thought she was just being neglectful and would get on her case all the time about "why didn't you go to the meeting yesterday?" or "why haven't you been out in service for over a month??" Asshole. Even near the end of her life, when she didn't recognize any of us, he still wanted us (not him) to take her to the meetings, even though she had not a clue where she was, or what was going on. I finally told him "NO. She's not going to the meetings, she doesn't even know she's a Witness - her brain is NOT WORKING anymore, and we're not going through this crap anymore."

    That's how stupid and pig headed he was: I guess it just wasn't enough that she had gone faithfully to everything for over 60 years, lets make her do it even when she has Alzheimers. Moron. I hope HE gets it........I'll make sure he never misses a meeting.

  • Nanoprobe

    I really hate it when self righteous JW's are mean to the elderly.

    My Great grandmother had it, but my grandmother (now in her late 80's) does not. You may not get it either. Wish I could find one of those tests to try. I think it needs to be related items on the list, right? Maybe my husband can make up something for me.

  • myself

    No, but sometimes I suffer from partztimers (usually due to stress or brain-overload)

  • Undecided

    I think I may be in the very early stages. I can't remember the names of things, like parts of cars, sometimes when asking to pass a food at the table, my grandkids names for a few minutes, words when I am talking and want a particular one to describe something. It seems more than just normal old age. Is there any way to get yourself exterminated when it gets too bad to function? Seriously I would prefer to be shot than have my wife or kids have to care for me like that. If I realized I was going to get really bad, I would do it myself.

    Ken P.

  • Nanoprobe


    It's scary isn't it? I thought twice about posting this article because maybe people are better off not knowing.

    Odds are 10 to 1 you are probably okay, just stressed or trying to remember terms you haven't used in awhile.

    You might consider getting yourself tested, I tried to find the test online but it is software that is sold and I didn't find a sample or even example.

    Quote from article: There are multiple reasons why identifying Alzheimers in its earliest stages may be useful, Thies said. In addition to offering patients the opportunity to benefit from drugs that delay symptom onset, the knowledge allows them to plan their lives. If they have things theyve always wanted to do, like take a trip around the world, this could let them know they probably want to do it sooner rather than later

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  • sleepy

    Re: Do you have Alzheimer's?I can't remember.

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