My 12year old son likes baseball,

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  • meat pie
    meat pie

    However there are very few other kids around who know anything about it, he would like to know more about the rules, general info, can anyone suggest anything, a website perhaps. He is nearly 13, and has a training ball, a catcher's mitt and a silver slugger 30inch baseball bat, only his sister to play with, I do my best but I'm not too sporty. We are in North Scotland.

  • somebody

    meat pie,

    Her are a few links that might help. the second link is a baseball quiz when he thinks he might have all the rules down.

    The third link has free games to download. If that one isn't good enough, you can always to a search on free baseball game to download and play online.

    Good luck to your son. I think it's wonderfull that he found a sport that has his interest!



  • Joyzabel

    Hi meatpie.

    That's great your son likes baseball. But I bet it would be difficult to learn about it if you live in a country where it's not your national past time.

    I perfer playing baseball to watching it. But I usually watch the world series.

    I feel so sorry for your son that all he has to play with is his sister. (not that girls aren't good players, I said I like to play) You could be pitcher to both kids. Let them each be a team!! lol I hope he finds other kids to play ball with.

  • sunshineToo

    Does any of his friends play baseball?

    Some of my piano students are in a local little league. They learn rules, practice and play games with other teams. They start as young as 5-year old! Nowadays they are into soccer games, and I'm trying to keep them in deligent piano lessons. Poor kids! They are so busy.

  • Simon

    I was watching it when we were in Canada. It does get shown over here but I think it on at 4:00am or something unsociable.

    Of course not having any comprehension of the rules made it hard to follow and it took me a while to figure out who was even playing. I think it's a bit like "rounders" but you have to wear pyjamas, spit, scratch your crotch and have massively mis-sized hands.

    Seemed quite exciting though. The bowlers illegal bowls were never picked up by the umpire once though which was strange.

  • meat pie
    meat pie

    Thanx for all your replies.

    Thankyou Sombody for the links, we'll try them out!

    Joy2, you have seen me! can you imagine me in those skimpy pants?! Seriously, the three of us will give it a go, I have tried bowling to him, but I was always rubbish at rounders Simon. There is one boy at his school who is interested so maybe the gym teacher can help out too.

    Thankyou for your help.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    I love baseball, but dislike the overpaid crybaby millionaires who now play the game. Last night I watched the Little League World Series that is currently going on. Japan was playing a team from the Carribean. It was great! Those 10-12 year olds have the skills, the game moves much faster than professional baseball...and it's more exciting to watch because their still young and anything can happen. You might be able to catch it today on cable ... I think the USA plays Japan later today.

    SIMON: In baseball the "bowlers" are called "pitchers"

    By the way, I work with a guy from Scotland who loves baseball too. He was telling me about going the the Dodger game last week. He's become quite a fan (and of course, when the World Cup was on he was the consumate expert clueing us in to what was going on).

  • Simon

    "pitchers"? What ... like jugs of beer?

    I'm only kidding ... I know the basics of the game but not the detail. I gather you have to be a statistician to be a real fan as they constantly show facts and figures whenever anyone has done anything.

  • Joyzabel

    lol, I was wondering how a thread about baseball started to talk about bowling!!!

    when you throw a ball to the batter, here in the usa, its called "pitching". You can throw either overhand or underhand, just get it over the plate.

    rounders, now I have no idea what you are talking about there.

    meat pie, you can pitch to your kids, just duck if they hit the ball hehe

    but I think you are right, meat pie "maybe the gym teacher can help out too.

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