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  • Liberated

    Umbilical? as in receiving nourishment? not from the wts.

    I kinda look on it as the VFW, veterans of foreign wars. They still meet and keep in touch but they sure wouldn't want to be back in the war. They show family and friends war scars and medals, and share war stories over and over again.

    It's an experience we all went through, like high school maybe, only worse, [if that's possible] but we keep in touch and go to reunions. It's a part of our lives but it's not our life.


  • minimus

    Bhagavad,that was a really great post!

  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Good post Liberated!

    It's a commradory. I appreciated your example of the VFW.

    We all have been through alot, and have alot of varying circumstances. This forum offers a place to heal, laugh, cry, and unleash anger at what the WTS's grip on us has done over the years.

    I hope you'll come to appreciate that some day Bhagavad.


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  • desertflower


    that was a good way of putting our situation. We can tallk to all kinds of people but

    only those that have been JW can really understand what we are going thru. Lot of

    our new friends hate what we are going thru with our kids now, and express shock when

    we tell them what the Witness believe about shunning. We were always a very close knit

    family but not now because of us not believing anymore. Met some ex-jw this summer

    when we were on vacation and they were so glad to have a chance to visit with some one who felt like they did and we could really visit and exchange thoughts and experinces.

    My husband has been looking up old friends from his navy days. Like you said you have a connection with them. desertflower

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