DF = DA = non-assocciation?

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  • truman

    I was wondering if anyone else is feeling it on the wind that there seems to be a coming
    equivilency between officially DISASSOCIATING onesself, and simply being in a state of
    non-association as a walkaway, fade-out, inactive person.

    I have been speaking to several people who are either zealous witnesses (with me talking
    to them incognito as a dissident) or are non-associating JWs living with the possibility of misery over this from zealous family members. There seems to be a feeling that those who just leave without fanfare really ought to be treated the same as someone who officially DAs or is DF'd. This apparently has been fanned into flames by the current material being studied from the August KM,concerning how to treat DF'd and DA'd relatives. Though I could find nothing explicit about this in the KM article, I feel a foreboding about the possibility, and have noticed what seemed to be an expression of it in my own interaction with local witnesses.

    I am just a fade-out person myself, but have lived in my small town and been in my cong
    for over 15 years, so know everybody well, and am known. Yesterday, I happened upon a
    brother who is usually very friendly, and at first he looked like he was going to completely
    ignore my greeting, but then said, "I haven't seen you around for a while". That was all he
    said. I haven't been to a meeting for several months. This is worrisome, because I have
    an adult child who is a MS, and very zealous. I desperately do not want any more
    distance between us due to WT policy than there already is.

    Has anybody heard anything about this?


  • ISP

    I think the WTS will try to do something with the fade-aways. they are numerous and may have an effect on 'loyal' dubs. They may take the view that fade-aways have DA themselves. That logic would be hard to budge.


  • OrbitingTheSun

    I agree with ISP. When you think about it, even people who attend meetings can be considered bad association, so it makes sense for inactive ones to be considered dangerous as well. It seems to be part of the WTBTS' natural progression--the more people realize the truth about the "truth," the stricter they become to keep the members they have fearful and submissive.

  • dsgal

    I saw a pioneer at Wal-mart the other day who I thought was my friend at one time.When she spotted me she just waved and kept going.She had been coming to my housefor a while trying to get me to go back ,but suddenly stopped.It seems like she has been warned not to associate with me in any way.

  • minimus

    IF they could get you on something and they were after you for some reason, the big fade wouldn't matter. Because you have faded, you are now viewed with suspicion. You MUST be doing something bad or else you wouldn't have left.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    I'm afraid I have to agree with ISP. The August KM was an affirmation for the hard-core right wing conservatives, who no doubt will be feeling the need to extend their authority a bit. This reminds me of the aftermath of the whole Ray Franz purge back in the early 80's. The WTS came down pretty hard for several years afterward and not only reaffirmed but strengthened the DF/DA teaching. I don't see it happening soon, but perhaps early next year I could see a KM article or even a district assembly (convention?) part about it. Either way, it's going to happen, and it's just a matter of time.

  • patio34

    Hi Truman! Good to see your post. Ive gotten a positively chilly treatment from an elder who lives in my neighborhood. Im sure hes heard about my newly found lack of belief (havent been to a Kingdom Hall in 1 and a half yrs). Another JW was driving right next to me and looked away quickly when he saw me. Their loss . . . But I do understand about family members. I have a son whos true blue JW and we have agreed to disagree and let it be. --Pat

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  • outnfree


    just wanted to get in a few supportive hugs....

    I'm afraid the writing is on the wall for the next little while. If you're inactive, you may as well be DA'd and we all know that DA's are treated just like DF's.

    I wish you luck with your son.


  • truman

    Thanks all for your comments!

    I sure hope they don't decide to come after me, 'cause they might just be able to find 'probable cause', at least in their eyes for some sort of action. I do try to cover my tracks pretty well though.

    Nice to run into you. I've been thinking about sending you an email lately, but haven't done it yet. I'd love to hear from you.

    Thanks for the hug. It always helps to get one. I do know that the price for leaving is high, no matter which method of exit is chosen, or foisted upon a person. I love my son very, very much, but whatever the cost, I can no longer be a prisoner of mind control.


  • BadJerry

    Made sure in "the letter" to elders where I told them I was going away for awhile, I didn't even come close to the d' word. But, the elders have passed the word through the congregation that no one should be talking with us now. This happened last week, so yes, I think a hard-line approach is coming, and its coming like "brighter light" on the front of a speeding freight train. (By the way, have you ever seen a freight train wreck - maybe this will be the beginning of the end????)

    BadJerry - no sleep - too much caffeine - and at work (on Sunday)...

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