Sacrifices you made for the truth?

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  • OrbitingTheSun

    I sacrificed a lot emotionally but, being involved with the JWs for such a short period of time (only 4-5 years), I can recover most of what I lost. I miss the things that I can never get backcountless letters from friends who were considered worldly and dangerous to my spirituality, keepsakes from loved ones (some of whom are now deceased), and lots of other little things that I was told could welcome Satan into my home and/or harbor demons, all thrown away.

  • minimus

    a normal life

  • FiveShadows

    my right testicule?...j/k I sacraficed a lot...but i don' t care anymore...i live on with trying to give mercy instead of sacrafice ~FS

  • Dismembered

    Sacrifices to many to name but,

    #1. career in music business down the biffy.

  • Simon

    • Too many hours of my time
    • A happy childhood
    • Further education (although I have been lucky with work I was always in the top few at school and feel cheated)
    • Friendships with some really nice people because they weren't 'in'
    • Years of contact with my father
    • Proper contact / relationship with my mother and sisters
    • Future peace of mind because of putting off pension planning

    Still ... I'm British ... so mustn't grumble


    Being raised a dub cost me a great deal..Walking away from the dubs cost me as much..WBTS owes so many for so much..Dam those corrupt lying bastards..The best you can do is make a life for yourself now...OUTLAW

  • Pistoff

    1. college

    2. my father; he could not take the religious atmosphere, he was an unbeliever. He had many other problems, but I know I shut him out as did siblings with "zealous" attitudes, and tho' I saw him much toward the end of his life, he died broken, addicted and alone.

    3. My ability to reason, research, think critically (returned to me recently)

    4. 1 friend to blood policy, 2 to suicides truth related

    5. Almost lost son to suicide attempt; he was mortified of being df'd and alone without family

    6. My contact with God, for many years; returned to me after being in recovery.

    7. My sanity

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