God's channel withholding information

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  • FrankRaven

    "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.Because you have rejected knowledge.I also will reject you from being priest for Me.Because you have forgotten the law of your God.I also for get your children."(HOSEA 4:6)

    Witnesses have forgotten the law of God,because they follow after a Watchtower Society and never heed to Christ.And if you have family in the Watchtower and you question the authority of the Watchtower,they(WT)will threatened you with your family and threatened you with disfellowship.

    So if anyone leaves the Watchtower does not mean you leave Jehovah God.That's the Watchtower fantasy,but many believe it.

  • Matty
    Matty, have you got a major in flow of mail then?

    No, not really major. I get a few one-offs from witnesses, sometimes hostile, sometimes asking advice, usually once a week or so. I've never had any follow-ups from any of the replies I've sent to lurkers, I guess I scare them off!

  • Wren


    The big publishing corp. needs to meet deadlines with a good hook for the week. This needs to be accomplished without breaking a researcher's nail.

    So many of the WTS medicene & health articles read like old SDA sanitarium practices & advice. There seems to be somewhat of that flavor lingering at times.

    As for God's channel, my crazy JW aunt can weave medical quackery, conspiracy & Jehovah's purpose with scripture so well I'll start to believe it. At that point, I come to my senses and realize she may as well be on a soap box in psych ward F's dayroom. God's channel is open for questioning.

    I mean no offence to readers with any of my psych ward comments. As a child, I was chased by her with an enema bottle & hose to cleanse me "spiritually". Clean colons=spiritual minds. I think she should have realized her dream: a one way trip to Bethel on a serious "plumbing" assignment. O.K. I'm now off topic & rambling.

    Good question ballistic.

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  • dsgal


    If they get "theocratic" things wrong,why not get the smaller stuff wrong too?I think it's because they are not really God's channel.He doesn't need scientists to make a decision for him.That ought to be enough proof for any JW they are merely being led by men.

  • Xander

    A strong argument that convinced me that there was something to the bible being the word of God, was that it contains statements that not only are scientifically sound but also flatly contradict the accepted opinions of the day.


    I guess it is kind of touched on above, but the key to remember is: the bible does NOT contain truths 'flatly contradict[ing] the accepted opinions of the day'.

    The society would like you to THINK that's true (indeed, many christian religions want you to think that, too).

  • Matty

    Yes, Xander I believed that, because I was told to believe it, and I genuinely did. It seemed very convincing. A lot of my JW beliefs are still there, lodged in my brain, except now I'm prepared to have them scrutinized.

  • LDH


    That was one of the best posts I've read in a long time!!!!


  • SYN

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    I'm just typing a bit of nourishing Spiritual Food in here for the Brothers and Sisters on this site, and also to test the HTML wrapping and make sure it works!

    So far, so good!

    OOOOH you can have more than one too!

    ...this is all Bible Based (TM).


  • Englishman
    Why, when they believe they are being given priviliged information, did God fail to warn them about asbestos

    Obviously He didn't do as best os he could have done.


  • ballistic

    SYN I couldn't agree more!

    I'm gunna rip off your head and....
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    but it's stealing it from a bbc web site everytime it loads, when I get my new web space I will upload it there.

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