What's Sophia doing in Oz?

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  • oppostate

    Sophia either got lost or is playing the role of Dorothy!

    Sophia, I mean Dorothy, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!


  • oppostate

    New technology has greatly helped the production of animated films. But there's a certain style, a sort of Toy Story-like style of animation that permeates a lot of animation production these days, in my opinion.

    The WT knows how manipulative the moving picture can be. The brain actually perceives the watching of a movie in the same way as witnessing a live event. That's why we can so caught up in a scary movie--have you ever chewed your fingernails, litterally, while watching a horror flick?

    Repressive dictatorships like to use moving imagery to control the population--like "1984" and "A Clockwork Orange."

    There's not much denying that the purpose of Caleb & Sophia WT videos is to entice the young to follow the Organization. Sort of like training up a boy in the way he should walk, even when he turns older he won't deviate from going in that way.

    Hopefully this over-the-top indoctrination will be too much for the young ones as they grow up and become aware of the mind control.

    Or could the WT adapt anew and produce mind-controlling propaganda aimed at tweens and teens to keep them in?

  • Splash
    Tweens and teens can't pay the WT bills, and the old ones who can are all dying off.

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