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  • minimus

    conditional friend: a "friend" when it suits the person.

  • blondie

    minimus, another word for that is a fairweather friend.

  • minimus

    How many of these fairweather friends are our best friends now?

  • Larry

    Blondie - I ordered the book - Thanks :)

    I read some excepts off the net that also perked my interest, i.e. -

    " It has also been proposed that separation guilt is appropriate, that growing up is a form of homicide and that the assumption of responsibility for ones own life and its conduct is in psychic reality tantamount to the murder of the parents... Thus, by becoming autonomous (instead of remaining dependent), by establishing inner restraints (instead of needing our parents to serve as our external conscience), by cutting emotional ties (instead of seeking our gratifications within the family), by taking care of our needs (instead of surrendering that care to our mother and father), we annihilate our parents roles and take them unto ourselves."

    " College-bound Roger, for instance, snarls through his last few months at home, battling with his parents every day. He cant face his wish to stay, but if he arranges to leave feeling mad instead of sad he can avoid the pain of separation."

    " Brendas promiscuity appears to be a statement of independence: I am a sexual woman, not a child. Except that the point of the sex is not the during but the cuddles before and after. She probably doesnt know that she is trying not to go away from mother..."

    " Drugs can blunt the mourning - why not get high instead of cry? Cults can replace the familial security. Dependent attachments or flights into marriage where mates are made into mummies can keep boys and girls adolescents all their life...

    Peace - LL

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  • blondie

    If you glean anything else, Larry, let me know.

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