Is it necessary to prepare for the Watchtower or book study?

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  • BashfulAshG
    All of my years in the truth, I never understood why we had to study before each meeting. The contents are self-explanatory with the answers to the printed question within the first or the last sentence of the paragraph. Then, commenting never made sense, especially comments and experiences that don't answer the printed question. It's tedious.
  • purrpurr
    It's basically an excerise in comprehension
  • the comet
  • BashfulAshG
    Comprehension of second grade crap. LOL! It's insulting to the audience.

    LOL!! Our WT "study" conductor spends 2 Hrs every week, preparing so as to explain the lesson to the sheeple.

    He probably thinks that I don't answer because I don't understand the new light....freaking Watchtard..


  • sir82

    LOL!! Our WT "study" conductor spends 2 Hrs every week, preparing so as to explain the lesson to the sheeple.

    Pfffft! Amateur.

    Our WT conductor bragged, in a service meeting interview, that he literally goes over the article 4 separate times in advance, prior to conducting the study.

    The articles are fatuous, simplistic, and suffer from awkward grammar, not to mention their logical fallacies, specious reasoning, and just plain condescending nature.

    I can't even imagine. 4 times....I'm sure before I had finished the 3rd time, my pre-frontal cortex would shut off blood flow to the brain in a desperate attempt at self-preservation.

  • Londo111
    It is part of cult indoctrination. All cults do something similar.
  • punkofnice

    It's call 'indoctrination'. A powerful brainwashing method.

    You find the answers. It convinces you that it's truth. You regurgitate these answers at the meeting and it further convinces you it's true. Everyone else has the same answer and it convinces the hive mind that it's all true.

    I probably didn't explain that very well...substance thereof.

  • Divergent

    I alwaya thought that underlining or highlighting the answers in the magazine was stupid - wouldn't you not KNOW the answer without having to use a pen / highlighter??? However, I did do that to my magazine - forced to do so during family study (also for the sake of appearances, to look good & "spiritual)

  • Londo111
    Underlining told the JWs sitting nearby or the guy running the mike that you "studied". You didn't want people to think you didn't study for the meeting...

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