Take Angharad Out to Dinner Fund

by Nanoprobe 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Angharad

    LOL sounds like fun

    We will definately have to get to one of your apostafests one day

  • Simon

    what what whaaaat ?!?!

    She eats well let me tell you - I let her have any of my MacDonalds that I can't eat

    I know she does not like all the crap on the board or the time I spend here and will tell you how much she appreciates this and how much it's cheared her up (cause she is too shy).

  • seven006

    What's this Simon is letting some of the guys on the board take Angharad out for dinner? Is he nuts?

    Nuts or not, all I have or say is the line forms behind me!

    Ang and Simon, I'll bet when you two got married you never figured you'd end up with 6,000 kids to take care of. Maybe you two should shut the whole board down for a week and take a sanity break.

    Big hug to both of you.


  • Prisca

    As I've told Ang before, if I ever find the money to go back to England, I'm offering to babysit the kids one night so they can go out and have an evening to themselves. Maybe even two nights!

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