Your future is to be an ant

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  • Kingpawn

    The new system will be terribly boring.

    If you like to read like I do, nothing will be written after the Tribulation. 99.9% of all literature is worldly, so there's a huge lack of preserved material. No newspapers. What're they gonna say? "Abraham was resurrected and is living in Hong Kong. Look him up at Daddy Abe's Sushi Parlor."

    Won't have the writings of other religions either. Or the Bible. After all, it's a record of man's folly and redemption. Who wants to be reminded of that? And no Society literature either. The job's done, right? "We're heeeere," something like what the kid says in Poltergeist.

    So what will you do? There's all the corrective work of cleaning up after Someone Else's war. (Can't wait for more of that, can you ladies? Always picking up after guys!) And the world healing itself from pollution, global warming, species nearly extinct, and so on.


    People will live forever and it won't take that long to get all the work done. So what will you be doing from then on?

    You'll be a happy member of God's Ant Farm!! That's right kids, now you too can enjoy a life of ease and comfort. Forage wherever you want! Journey to all those places you never saw before! Huh? No, we don't have museums anymore. Too many naked or topless women in paintings. And Michaelangelo's David? Are you kidding!? We busted him up for paperweights! Same with the Venus de Milo.

    No, there's no more Mt. Rushmore. All those guys trying to make America independent? Baaaaad! Apostates is what they were. The Eiffel Tower? Huh, we know what's on your mind! Paris was a city of sin and decadence. No more of that! Or Rome. Or Rio. No more temptations for you now. Try out our new tourist attractions. The Amazon river (just don't swim in it if you want to keep your tootsies). The Ganges. Or steamy Ho Chi Minh City. (Hotter than a bi)...iiig attraction this year is Iceland. Or try a trip around Cape Horn. Whatavya got to lose?

    Be a happy ant!

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