JWs killed in Philippines?

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  • glitter

    This happens all the time in the Philippines, I think there's a (non-JW) American Christian couple still there after months... It's horrible and my heart goes out to those still held - but terrorists there *have* released people, so there's a lot of hope.

    Of course when this story makes it to the Awake! the fact that it's not just JWs who suffer there will be ignored, it'll just be JWs that get kidnapped or murdered or have their houses and places of worship burned down like what happens there. It'll be persecution specifically against them and another sign that they're right and the New System is coming really really soon...

    Yeah JT, I wonder if they were kidnapped for whatever reason and then they said "We're Jehovah's Witnesses" thinking it would save their lives just like it saved the lives of the brothers in Rwanda or wherever it allegedly happened and the kidnappers, being religious nutters thought "Well in that case..." - they let two Muslims go and put a notice on one of the head saying they'd get anyone who doesn't serve Allah afterall.

  • Liberated

    Yes Glitter, one of the articles included information about others who have been kidnapped as well. It's truly a heartbreaking situation.

    "The previous Abu Sayyaf kidnapping spree ended June 7 when U.S.-trained soldiers tried to rescue the last of 102 captives: missionaries Gracia and Martin Burnham of Wichita, Kan., and Filipino nurse Ediborah Yap. Mrs. Burnham was freed, but her husband and Yap died in the battle."



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