The High Price of Watchtower Pretension

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  • metatron

    I think we have entered an era where the future of the Watchtower is threatened by the
    cost of its own pretensions. Declaring that everyone else is going to die at Armageddon
    carries a heavy burden that other small religions may not have to bear.

    They must run printing and binding operations - or pay someone else to do it - all
    over the world. They must maintain Branch offices and missionaries to preach their version
    of the 'good news'. Add to this the increasing threat of lawsuits and they are as threatened
    by their own imperial overstretch just as surely as the Soviet Union was. Something has
    to give.

    Eventually, doctrine must change to reflect the downsizing of the branches and missionary
    homes. In Russell's day, they allowed for the salvation of other people - and felt that
    perhaps preaching to immigrants in New York city fufilled their international preaching

    There were/are guys on the Writing staff who have worried about dying before Armageddon
    because they may have to preach to China! Disappointment awaits them as cuts roll in.

    Other small religions have $ trouble just publishing one monthly magazine in quantities
    far smaller than any Watchtower run. Estimate contributions from congregations and the
    numbers aren't even close - add child molesting scandals and these guys have just
    BEGUN to spiral DOWN.

    I believe it is just possible that, if pressure can be maintained with no end in sight,
    and their structure of doctrine is completely exposed, they may 'give up'!
    No 'one' is really in charge of the Watchtower Society , as in the past. At some point,
    even the leadership loses heart and asks themselves "what do we really believe, anyway?"
    or "what do we actually stand for?".

    A volunteer movement will not long endure if it is forced to confront its own
    contradictions - and pay its own way in the world.

    The death spiral has just begun
    it's just a matter of time til Watchtower leaders realize it.


  • Analysis

    It is good to hope; However the death spiral most likely will take a very long time. The primary reason that large companies or countries like the Soviet Union collapse is because of debt. They implode because no one will extend them credit or they don't have the money to purchase the resources required. The WTBS can scale back as they have been doing and survive a very long time.

    Some feel that the lawsuits will be the deathblow. However, even if they lose in Courts, the appeals process could take a very long time. It will be years before they would actually pay any large sums of money. Granted, I think the decisions they are making are short term in focus and will lead to the demise of the better part of the organization. But, if you were 85 wouldn't your thinking be short term in nature.

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  • SYN

    Jaracz will still not go beyond the things written, not even on his deathbed.

  • metatron

    I don't think the 85 year olds are really in charge or even capable of much planning
    these days.

    I have no doubt that the deceived, willingly ignorant publishers will keep dragging themselves
    to meetings and service - often while their children dream of how they'll be free, one day.

    But the theocratic bureaucrats - the faceless Service Dept Talmudists - the itinerant company
    men (Circuit Overseers) - these can't be shielded from the collapse of doctrine and loss
    of revenues. Like the fall of Communism, the common workers will still believe long after
    their leaders have abandoned their personal blind faith in the 'organization'.

    Their cancellation of the 120 year tradition of Watchtower subscriptions, downsizing of
    Bethel, and investigation of outsourcing for printing speak volumes. Short term interests
    dominate their struggle for survival. It's going to get interesting..........


  • Satanus

    Like the fall of Communism, the common workers will still believe long after
    their leaders have abandoned their personal blind faith in the 'organization'

    Makes sense. The common dub will keep believing the fantasy even though the physical structure crumbles. Even YK, who isn't your average dub, thinks the downsizing will be a clean up operation from their god. He's prepared to stay w the remainder.


  • Dismembered

    I'm hoping you are right Metatron.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Colour me dubious Metatron. You make very valid points, and they're probably accurate (you usually are). Change is needed, but I don't see it happening. Denial is a powerful thing and most Witnesses (from the top down) are in extreme denial. I believe most at the top are already at a point of disbelieving what they teach. But, like the Soviets, they can still rattle their sabres and get the peasants in an uproar. But it seems to me that if enough lawsuits on the issue of pedophilia come to fruitition, THEN we might see what you describe. WTS has deep pockets, but if the Catholic Church has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars to settle these suits and is still a going concern, then the same with WTS.

  • minimus

    The high price of the Watchtower will be regarding how much money they lose. It will ALWAYS come down to "SHOW ME THE MONEY".If ideology or doctrines change, it will be because membership is down and they need more money.

  • Farkel

    : Jaracz will still not go beyond the things written, not even on his deathbed.

    Of course he won't, since he doesn't even to TO the things written. He pulls stuff out-of-his-ass as he goes. As I've said, he will reap the very whirlwind he has sown. God, I only hope he lives long enough to have to face it.

    That old bastard has gotten away with so much for so long, he'll probably die first and deprive me of the pleasure of seeing him go down in disgrace.


  • Salud

    Good Post. Now with the Society asking 1000 Bethelites to 'move' on, you wonder who will stay and take care of things, in view of the fact that those who would most likely leave would be people with not much seniority and those staying would be older ones. Ones with specialized skills of course would be encouraged to stay.

    Another point. My brother served at Bethel almost 10 years, all but 3 months in the computer dept. He recently asked to go back with his wife (both reg. pioneers) but the Society did not need them at this time. Well I just found out that he is doing computer work for a Latin American branch from his home. He is hoping to make this an ongoing thing. Could it be that maybe the Society will have some 'work at home' projects for some with specialized skills?

    Also, does anyone out there have demographic figures as to the age of those serving at Bethel? I wonder what percentage are over the age of 60 (ones least likely to leave, but least likely to contribute skill wise also). I used to have these figures at one time, and I can't ask my brother with all his connections either if you know what I mean. You have to wonder what quality of Bethelite will end up staying. I remember growing up you either set the goal of pioneering or going to Bethel, and that is it. You wonder what effect it will have on the young people now if Bethel is not all that encouraged anymore? That leaves pioneering. OK then , how do you encourgage young ones to defend the Society's pedophile policy at the doors?

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