Update on Shunned father's daughter

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  • Rado Vleugel
    Rado Vleugel

    Jehovah's Witness teen happy to be 17 years old
    Treatments working for leukemia sufferer

    Shunned father's daughter is undergoing alternative chemotherapy treatment at an undisclosed location in North America. She made headlines earlier this year when she refused to receive blood transfusions. Her battle has torn her family apart. Her parents are now embroiled in divorce proceedings, split over her refusal to undergo blood transfusions.

    Read the whole story and previous stories on http://www.watchtowerinformationservice.org/

    Rado Vleugel

  • somebody

    This story brings up SO many emotions. The courts gave the girl her right not to accept any blood transfusions. I don't blame the father for fighting for his daughters life one bit, but when I try hard to imagine myself as one of her parents, I'd let her be now and would have waited till later to get a divorce. This youg girls last days are hard enough as it is. I guess if I were the dad, I'd be happy to just get to talk to her on the phone, like he did a few weeks ago.

    I can see the whole family is torn apart now. It's too sad for the girl.

    That's all I can say right now.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the whole family.



  • jst2laws

    Thanks Rado,

    I appreciated your updates.


  • BluesBrother

    I am so glad to read that the girl is doing well, even if it turns out to be temporary.

    Personally I can sympathise with all the family members on this one. The father fought so hard to save his daughter's life. He evidently loves her dearly and has paid a great personal price for his actions.

    I may upset some by saying this but we must also recognise that at "16 going on 17" , a teenager has a certain right to detemine her own future and medical treatment. She has ,it seems , only been exposed to the WT arguments on blood but even so I believe that she has a right to chose .

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