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  • Vivamus

    I am pretty much the same in the real world as I am in cyberworld.

  • blondie



    How can anyone still going to the KH and sitting through that tripe have a personality (I think I will adopt some of OldHippie's tactics)?

    (The personality people think I have or the one I think I have or the one I have?)

    I try not to antagonize people here enough for them to "attack" me. I try to be invisible (which I seem to have done through over 1100 posts). I'm not here to change anybody's mind because I haven't walked in their shoes. I always have an opinion but rarely express it unless it is about child abuse particulars.

    I'm sure the relative anonymity here allows us to show some of our better qualities and some of our worst.

  • ugg

    my personality is coming out...my sense of humor is genuine...both here
    and in real life...i love to laugh...i like to kid around and have been
    taken seriously at times when i have been joking in real life...i am
    very honest with the things i say here and in chat...i am not honest in
    my real life...as i yet cannot mentally deal with the consequences of
    the organization....they would not like my honesty of them...but,,,i
    am getting a bit tougher and stronger with the help of this site and
    therapy ect ect....to sum it up..."what you see written is what you
    would get in real life"

  • minimus

    Blondie I think your personality and depth show clearly....Farkel, you DO make me chuckle.

  • bigfloppydog

    For the most part, I am very shy.

    I do have a sense of Humour though.I love to joke around. But really only feel comfortable around people I know. Once I get to know someone, I tend to open up more.

    I tend to have difficulty trusting people, I guess I have been hurt to much by some people.

  • minimus

    I'm wondering if you might feel that you are a certain personality because of your having been a Witness.

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond


    I do think having been a JW has had a considerable impact on my personality. I don't trust people right off the bat, although I am friendly and personable. I like to watch them, especially to see how they treat others.

    I do think that being a JW also taught me some good qualaties, and least in a biblical sense. There was a lot of hypocrisy, but there were some very good people that had good intentions.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Wouldn't it be great to have a script writer for your life, so that you can always have the perfect witty response to any and all situations?

  • seven006

    In real life I am very shy and reserved. I'm one that would sit off in the corner by myself and watch everyone else having fun. I'm fairly insecure and pretty much keep my opinions to myself. Someday I hope to come out of my shell and begin to have fun in life.

    Once in a while I do drop a little acid and play in a few volleyball games at the Christian nudist colony I belong to. But, that's only on weekends.

    This is the truth, really.


  • larc

    Seven - Davoid, you are a worthless piece of shiit, like your freind, Frakley. Now, yuoo think you dp good graphics. I bettcha the Freddie Hall can do better graphic thingies than you ever thought of. And another thing, you show no respect for You Know, and I know as well as you know, that You Know knows everything that is to be known. So, why can't you understand these basic truths?

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