Compliments For The Ladies, A Gentleman's Task?

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  • Prisca
    Celtic Mark is often seen to be swimming out of his depth when it comes to the psychological makeup of women. Frankly, they puzzle me, quite irksome creatures, endearing yes, but still ruddy irksome, flummox me a tad they do

    Mark's comments remind me of what Professor Higgins says in "My Fair Lady" - "Why can't a woman be more like a man?"

    To me, a real man treats a woman with respect, kindness and a gentle sense of homour. He doesn't talk down to her, doesn't assume she's less intelligent, nor does he feel the need to exaggerate his own status quo. Opening doors and genuine compliments also go towards that feeling that the guy appreciates you.

  • minimus

    Can I answer, Invisible?

  • Celtic

    ruddy well suppose so minimus but make it quick, i've got meself a beaut of hangover so no waffle please


  • minimus

    Most people, male and female , really appreciate a good sense of humor. A person could do or say all the right things but if they don't know how to laugh, even at themselves,they are incomplete.Invisible Celt, I hope that answer won't get you upset with

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