The Hidden Secrets of JW.Com

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  • Mindchild

    Shhhh!!! I got a secret or two to share with you. No, it isnt the hottest gossip or a way to lose 10 lbs. a week in a crash diet but rather a way to enjoy using this board just a little bit more.

    Thanks to Simon switching to the new discussion board software, Ive come to realize that there are a few new features that few people either know about or seldom use. For example, if you want to use colored text and you compose your reply in the window that opens up when you make either a new thread or add to a post, you are stuck with either standard black or red text. If you instead use a WYSIWYG word processing program (like WORD or WordPerfect) it is easy to have colored text like this with different background colors. All you need to do is make your entire reply in your word processor and then cut and paste it to the forum-posting window. I find that it copies the colors as well. You can use different fonts, different font sizes, background colors, and even embed pictures like this.

    Standard colored text: Allgreatapostatescomeinfourtypes: bears, bees, lions, and otters.

    Cool Fonts: All great apostates come in four types : bears, bees, lions, and otters .

    Font Size changes: All great apostates come in four types: bears, bees, lions, and otters.

    Here is an example of background color being changed.

    Maybe this is a good way for you to cuss your little black heart out without offending everyone but the person you want to read it. Lol.

    What do you think about typing like this?

    You know what I just did above? That is a secret message! To find out what I said, you will need to hit the edit button on this post and change the font for the above sentence to read it in a normal font. Simply type your message and change the font to Wingdings to do the message.

    Now, if you feel like you are just in a mood to let loose a few expletives but want to honor Simons request for reasonable restraint in using four letter words, maybe you can be respectful enough to change the color of the words so they are difficult to read. Anyone who is so inclined can simply highlight the text with their mouse and read it.

    Here is a simple example of this: if you can read this you either have good eyes or did what I suggested

    Okay, that is enough word magic for now. Do you have any you want to share?

    Kind Regards,


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  • RedhorseWoman

    Thanks for the tips.....and I guess I have good eyes, because I read that line just fine. Or.....maybe there's something seriously wrong with me....I see phantom words where there should be only grey. Hmmmm.......

  • Mindchild

    What happened is that I originally edited it for having a white background. I ended up having a gray background for the post. I had the first post in very light yellow like this:

    This sentence is darn hard to read.

    When I went to change it, I didnt use the right shade of gray to match up. You can get a perfect match making the text invisible but anyway hopefully you got the idea.


  • Valis

    Kind of like this? You Know ...<-----click me...

  • Mindchild

    Cool Valis

  • WildHorses

    I'm a little n u t. I'm as cute as I can be.

  • lauralisa

    works if you have a pc I guess

  • Robdar


    What a great idea. And the best part of it all is that it works. Thanks for sharing.



  • Amazing

    I can even write in a little Arabic ... ﻦ ﻒ ﻙ ﮓ or Hebrewהּלּגּדּ ﻻﻺ ... cool

  • qwerty


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