Bethel Has Known of Sexual Abuse For Years

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  • Victor_E

    Bill Bowen has acurately brought out that Bethel has known for years about the large numbers of sexual abuse survivors among the r&f. The Awake articles that appeared on sexual abuse were originally planed to be a series, if memory serves me right only two were printed. Why? Bethel was flooded with mail with gratitude for the info and requests for more specific info. The person (s) assigned to the task of writing were drawing from the experiences of JW victims. One woman who contributed her story was the daughter of a missionary couple, she was ritually abused. The person(s) doing the writing were very empathetic to the victims and they are one camp of liberals who have a sincere desire to write articles on psych topics. The other camp of hardliners have opposed the liberals and have viewed them with suspicion.

    One member of the governing body is married to a woman who was sexually abused and still suffers from it. He was once lobbied by a personal friend who was my client. The appeal was to take notice aknowledge the problem and let those who needed professional help get it without the criticisms from the hardliners. I even volunteered to go to Bethel and explain the seriousness of the problem. I had some 15 JWs write personal testimonies of how they were being harassed by the elders for seeking therapy. Bill Bowen I think submitted 5,000 and the reality is if 50,000 victims came forward it would not make a difference. The governing body is culpable for the lack of attention to this problem and for its tyranny against those who speak up. It only cares about it's financial interests and its power. As Ray Franz wrote their philosophy is that directions and mandates flow only from the top down and never from the bottom up.

    Few are they that look through their own eyes and feel with their own heart. A Einstein

  • Faraon


    It has been my personal experience that JWs will do everything to look good. I even had arguments with two elders about this cover-up of the truth. I told them the bible itself exposed the wrongdoers. I did not back down. I told them that if they did not want me to talk bad about the society, then they should act in an unreproachable manner. The truth is the truth.


  • Pathofthorns

    Thanks for the post.


  • nancee park
    nancee park

    Wife-battering is also a big issue that they work hard to shove under the rug. How hypocritical for example when they gang up on a fellow JW brother for oral sex with his own wife, then go home and beat the --- out of their own wives. Or tell a raped girl she must "wait on Jehovah" meaning SHUT UP for ratting to the police about such a thing among JWs would "bring reproach on Jehovah's organization." Their doing this is what reproaches the organization, is destroying it! Apostates! Yes, they are the real Apostates!

    Here's a good sign for the SILENTLAMBS MARCH:




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  • seawolf
    It has been my personal experience that JWs will do everything to look good.

    Same thing here Rene. I've been in several discussions lately (arguments is more like it) about the child abuse and sexual abuse coverups going on. It's always the same sob story back: apostates!!! Things will get good when I bring up Leo Greenlees and Ewart Chitty..UN etc.

    With how much of this stuff is running uncontrolled and unchecked in the organization, they're going to make their own prophecies come true.

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  • Dia

    Who's Greenless?

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    Leo Greenlees was quietly transferred in the 1980s from Bethel where he had been a Governing Body member after it became too widely known that he was a pedophile. He was sent to or near New Orleans and died there. Alan F has lots of documentation about him, and recently Joe Anderson who was long an elder in Tennessee until siding with also wrote about Greenlees in a farewell-to-the-congregation letter. Yes, he definitely needs brought up at the silentlambs march at Brooklyn. And who knows about some of the current GB guys.

  • JT


    from what i understand the Writing Dept got more letters from folks on this issue than ANY issue they have written on,

    but the kicker was the large number of UNSIGNED LETTERS SO DESPITE the fact that they were writing to god;s org they didnt feel free to say who they were -- how sad


  • seawolf

    nancee: would you have the link to Anderson's letter that mentions Greenlees? I looked and found the Anderson letter that silentlambs posted but it wasn't in that letter that I could see.

  • Berean

    Leo Greenlees was transferred; it was RUMORED

    , due to ALLEGED homosexuality. In fact, all of what you will find on Greenlees is alleged acts and unverified rumor. I am not saying that he was not homosexual, just that there is no proof or facts.

    I also noticed that the "knew him personally" witness accounts had Greenlees ousted from Bethel and sent to New Orleans and another to San Diego. It may be that he was sent one place and then later to another, but that isnt the way it looks from the information presented. (

    Nancee you are very quick to throw out "facts" without verifying them. I dont know what your "program" is, but please refrain from throwing out unfounded comments as facts.

    seawolf: Anderson said "To give you examples of deviant sexual proclivities kept secret within the organization that have served to undermine confidence of the brothers in Jehovahs organization were the dismissals from Bethel since 1991 of two Governing Body brothers, Chitty and Greenlees. Chitty was homosexual and also an alcoholic. He returned to , where he was from, and the Watchtower Society provided him support and an apartment to live in. He was not disfellowshipped."


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